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I believe, in <form-login-page>, you can't use a url pattern. Instead you should use the actual relative url /login.jsp
vineet I think I see your confusion: session-timeout is meant to describe the maximum period of inactivity after which the session is invalidated, AND NOT the whole duration allowed for a session.

for example sission-timeout could be 10 minutes, but if you keep sending requests you can stay there the day long.
You can loop over a comma-delimited string, using c:forEach as in:

try this:

I've answered same as your verifications: 1: B and 2: C
The answer is actually in SCJP. When you override a method, you can only throw a narrower exception. It means in the signature you declare that you "throws" a subclass of the overriden method, or you don't declare anything at all.