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Recent posts by Ron McLeod

Jim Gallagher wrote:I received a file called ExampleProject

How was that generated?  Was it exported from Eclipse?  Is is a zip file?
5 days ago

EJB 3 in Action, Second Edition is pretty complete and it does cover 3.2.

eBooks at Manning go on sale for 50% quite often.

Sai Vaishnavi wrote:I can't see any content length in the response.

Ron McLeod wrote:Which protocol is being used to transport this payload?

If you are using HTTP, did you check the HTTP headers?
1 week ago
I read about it this morning at Windows Central
1 week ago

salvin francis wrote:Are you sure Edge (the browser) is out ? Looks like they're just switching the underlying engine from EdgeHTML to Chromium.

That's what I understand too - innards only - possibly no change to the current user interface.  The article says it is not known if they will keep the Edge brand or not.
1 week ago

Jordan May wrote:I tested it using postman, curl and also the browser and the URL works as expected so the problem must be got to do with how the client is calling the URL.

Ok - then emulate the server side and verify that the request from the client has the correct path (/api/productrange/1).

I tried your code and used Netcat to listen for connections on port 8080:
1 week ago
I would first try and understand if the problem is with the client or the server.

Try using a tool like curl or Postman, or even a browser in developer mode and see if you consistently get the expected result from the server.
1 week ago
Looks like homework.

Post the code that you are having problems with so that we have a better idea of where you are getting stuck, what fields and radiobuttons you are referring to.
1 week ago
Which protocol is being used to transport this payload?

With HTTP, there would often be a Content-Length header (unless chunked transfer encoding is being used) which indicates the number of bytes to expect.  For example:
BTW: the XML you posted is mal-formed
1 week ago
No - the comment was directed to me.  My example of compiling with  -Xlint:deprecation was using a different class (not the OP's), which has this deprecated call.

Sorry if I confused everyone.  
1 week ago