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Recent posts by Ron McLeod

Does the HTTPS URI use a different port number?

Can you post the stack trace for the exception?  I would expect that it contains further information to indicate the reason for the failure.
13 hours ago
It is working, just not the way that you would like it to work:
1 day ago
Saw this in the supermarket .. didn't know fish had such meaty wings

5 days ago
Can you share an example of what the corruption looks like?
1 week ago

S Raman wrote:I am not able to download  and webscrap the quotes from NSEIndia

I don't know anything specifically about NDEIndia, but I would assume that they have a webservice API to programmatically access site data.  Have you looked at that?
Some sites may refuse to service your request if certain expected HTTP headers are missing.  User-Agent is probably the most common one - the site may use your browser/client type to tailor the response that it returns to you.

Here's some suggestions:
   - Add a User-Agent header to your request
   - Add a Accept header to your request

Also, use HttpsURLConnection rather than the more general URLConnection.

For example:
This line:should cause the URL to be rewritten from yoursite/path/faq.jsp to yoursite/path/faq.html, and the browser should then request the new page.  The replacement URL should be visibile in the browser's address bar.  If this redirection happens quickly, you may not see the Redirecting ... message.

Is that what you are seeing?
2 weeks ago

R Nordstrom wrote:Darned if I can find a correct place to download samplecacerts for this tutorial.

This page has a link to download the JSSE Sample Code (including samplecacerts):
Establishment of a Websocket connection uses client-server protocol (HTTP), so the purpose of establishing the connection, client and server endpoints need to behave differently.  The client-side endpoint initiates the connection establishment by sending a request to the server-side endpoint, and the server-side endpoint (which is listening for incoming requests) responds back to complete the connection establishment.

After that connection has been established, communications between the two endpoint are peer-to-peer (although the protocols layered on top of the bi-directional communications channel may use a client-server model).

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    3 weeks ago

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    3 weeks ago
    Many of the projects that I am involved with start simple, and grow more complex over time.  When does it make sense to start thinking about a micro frontend architecture?  It seems like it would bring a lot of extra burden with little (or negative) gain if applied when project is small.