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Recent posts by Ron McLeod

I often use an on-line regex evaluator such as RegexPlant to test and tweak  expressions.  That one allows mutiple test inputs to be evaluated at the same time and shows the resulting group captures.
6 days ago

Ben Ernstberger wrote:Does somebody know a free Java server where I can put a Java server application? Thanks for help.

Do you some place that provides free Java application hosting?

Gerard Gauthier wrote:Java was on a slow and steady downward trend in popularity until it adopted lambdas and streams...

Is that your opinion or is there a source for that?
1 week ago
Which web server / framework are you running (httpd, Tomcat, etc.)?

I haven't use Service Side Includes for a long time so I could be wrong, but shouldn't you be using cmd= rather than cgi= to execute a script and include the results in the page?

    <!--#exec cmd="/cgi-bin/dir1/ arg1 arg2" -->

James Teter wrote:That's the code all I have.

Do you have that code inside a class?

Do you have a class named Customer?
1 week ago

James Teter wrote:I dont know why my code is not working at all. In my Eclipse there's no errors shown at all.

When I put you code in Eclipse, I see something like this (I changed the line numbers to agree with what you have posted):
1 week ago

wayne brandon wrote:what does ::-1 mean?

It is extended slice syntax.  The format is object[start:stop:step] (step is optional).  If you don't specify the start and stop values, the entire object will be sliced.  A negative value for step will cause the slicing to be performed in reverse order.
1 week ago

Bill Platt wrote:This is the initial modification that I attempted. It did not provide the proper output.
I added line 21, as well as line 26

It looks like you are calculating the average before calculating the sum of all the entered values (which is used in your average calculation).

Try calculating your average after completing the summing work.
1 week ago
And .. Welcome to CodeRanch  
2 weeks ago
Please post the actual code and error messages rather than an image.  Remember to use Code Tags.
2 weeks ago
It is still not clear to me what you are trying to do.  What is the end goal?  View some parameters of a running Gui, create a copy of the Gui, ???
2 weeks ago

Kyle Keyser wrote:I believe my problem is that im creating a new Gui so the frame field wont reference the frame that has been intialized.

You are creating a Gui object, but not calling the method to initialize the frame field.  You need to call your doFrame() method.
2 weeks ago

Bill Platt wrote:Is there a benefit to using this as opposed to just declaring a different variable name?

this is a reference to the instance itself.

It can also be use to call other constructors in the same class.  In this example, an alternate constructor is provided which uses a default value for message if not specified.  Rather than repeat the code to split the recipient in to username and domain fields, it is only done in one constructor, which is called by the other:

In this example, this is used to pass a reference of itself (an instance of a class which implements AlarmListener) to another class:
2 weeks ago