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Recent posts by Ron McLeod

Apache agrees with Tim - specify the configuration for source and target yourself and don't rely on defaults.

The documentation for version 3.13.0 wrote:Also note that at present the default source setting is 1.8 and the default target setting is 1.8, independently of the JDK you run Maven with. You are highly encouraged to change these defaults by setting source and target as described in Setting the -source and -target of the Java Compiler.

Apache Maven Compiler Plugin:  Introduction
4 days ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:1: Ignore ChatGPT

My thinking is don't trust ChatGPT (or any other AI resource) unless you know enough about the subject to be able to determine if the answer is correct or not - AI systems frequently hallucinate.

The responses from the chatbots are generally presented as authoritative and sound plausible/convincing, even when they are making things up.
2 weeks ago
Are you using an old version of Maven which doesn't use HTTPS by default?
2 weeks ago
I think collect() is the only correct answer, but you could abuse peek() to do a reduction:

Edit: changed example to use collect() rather than reduce()
2 weeks ago

Jack Tauson wrote:

I only had tyime to take a very brief look.  It seems like you need to do something like:
3 weeks ago

Karl J Balder wrote:The answer to Q18 states that...

Not everyone has the book - what is the question?
It would help if you could share the entire source file rather than just a fragment.

Normally the code would be in a callable function method - something like this:

Sorry - have been working in C for the last week - method not function.
1 month ago
For example - mine reports the same 3 errors as yours:
1 month ago

Carlos Cedano wrote:Build Output x
TestProjects: build failed At 6/9/24, 2:10 AM with 1 sec, 209 ms Utility Apps/src/Test_Calculator 3 errors
illegal start of type :33
identifier> expected :33
']' expected :33

java: illegal start of type

This looks like the type of error you would see if the code was not wrapped in a method.
1 month ago
What does displayInputArrayOfDouble look like?
1 month ago
I'm not sure if there is a Kindle Reader for ChromeOS, but if not, if you have Internet access, you could use the Kindle Cloud Reader, which runs in the browser.

The book is also available from the Enthuware online store as a PDF, which would allow for off-line reading.

Steve Dyke wrote:I get java.lang.NullPointerException when the data value is NULL.

What is the best way to handle this? A Try Catch?

If you are expecting that the remote value can be null, then check first, and then either transform it to a LocalDate or assign some default value.
1 month ago

sai rama krishna wrote:And created a new file named ''

Where did you place the file?
1 month ago
I don't have JDK 8u40 installed anywhere, but I tried using 8u202 on Windows 10 Pro v22H2 build 19045.2965 and I got the same (successful) results.
1 month ago