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Recent posts by Ron McLeod

I don't really understand what problem you are trying to solve.

I would be helpful if you could give a one or two sentence high-level problem statement.
I sounds like to the resolution for the problem in the other thread was to specify the working directory for the application; presumably a location where the application would have permissions to perform the operations.  Have you tried that already?
9 hours ago
It is more common to use system services inside activities, services, broadcast receivers, content providers, and other Android components.  If not, then a class wanting to access a system service will need to be provided application context somehow, as shown in this example code:
1 day ago
getSystemService comes from the Activity class.

Does your MainActivity class extend Activity?
2 days ago

Kristina Hansen wrote:May try this:

The important part is the leading "/" at the beginning of the file name.

I think that you will find that if you use getClassLoader(), then the leading slash is not used.  Here's a simple example:

Source file structure:

Eclipse project build path configuration:

Contents of built jar:

3 days ago
How are you building your jar?

Have you configured the resources folder as a project source?
3 days ago
Are you wanting to insert fields with literal values of question-mark?  Also, why do the last two placeholders have back-ticks?
You probably want this
I don't really know much a lot about JavaFX, but does example code in anyway illustrate what you are trying to do - make changes to a list in a non-GUI thread, render the updated list in the GUI thread?

I'm not a JaxaFX guy, so this is probably a poor example of how JaxaFX code should be written.
5 days ago

S Fox wrote:the program is too complex to make an sscce.

You don't need to demonstrate the whole application, just the bits are causing you grief.

S Fox wrote:#1 if i add things to its observableList in the worker thread, that's not allowed. i have to do it on the application thread only.

S Fox wrote:#2 if i add things to its observableList in the application thread, that's fine. but i am not allowed to iterate a Collection in my application thread while it is being appended/modified in the worker thread.

Can you write some small apps to demonstrate those problems?
5 days ago
Thanks to all of you for your valued contributions to CodeRanch.
5 days ago
Where is the XSS vulnerability in your example?  Is the value of ${userId} untrustworthy and needs to be sanitized/escaped before being sent to the client/browser?
6 days ago
I guess it depends on what you are doing.

ObjectOutputStream/ObjectInputStream are for primarily for serializing/deserializing objects when you want to persist objects to/from local storage, or when transferring objects between applications/platform through a network.

FileOutputStream/FileInputStream is for working with Files to write/read raw bytes.
1 week ago
The code below seems like it is misplaced.  I would take this (repeated) code and put it in a play() method the Guitar class.

Also - a nitpick comment - what you referred to note should be chords.
1 week ago

Tim Alkema wrote:Javac keep giving me the error >Cannot find symbol<. ...

It looks like you are compiling from within the package rather than from the root.  Try moving up one directory and compile using javac maandelijkseKosten\
1 week ago
... and welcome to Code Ranch!
1 week ago