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Recent posts by Ron McLeod

After reading this Naming query parameters in Spring Repository SO post, it seems like you either need to annotate the parameters, or compile  with the -parameters flag.
4 days ago
I'm not a Spring/SpringData person, but don't you need to use the @Param annotation to bind the parameters to the placeholders in the query?
4 days ago wrote:public class TWindow extends TWidget

4 days ago

Don Campbell wrote:But besides, in some of the source examples addTreeViewWidget is just called, without any explicit instantiated object reference.

Do the classes of those examples extend something which implement addTreeViewWidget?
4 days ago
Looks complete .. camp fire, coffin, barbecue, forest tree, camper, canoe, and truck.

Amazon link
5 days ago
The annotation says consumes = "application/json", indicating that a JSON payload is expected.

  - Is the client side actually sending JSON?
  - Does the request include a Content-Type: application/json header to indicate that the payload is JSON?
6 days ago
When creating web components, the display values for elements inside the component can be specified using slots or attributes (and probably other ways as well).  How should I decide to use one method over the other?  

It seems like if I want to be able to specify HTML rather than just text, I would choose slots.  Are there other reasons?

It would be easier to help if you would just show all the code rather than just sharing a line at a time  
1 week ago
I got it.  Use the force hint.

Mike London wrote:Please correct me if I'm wrong, but since this code is executing in the context of a Java WAR file, I'm not sure what the PythonPath has to do with it.

The python application (interpreter?) is being executed in a separate operating system process -- not in the JVM.  The environment that you specify with ProcessBuilder gets passed to the application (or shell) that you are trying to run.
1 week ago
If you used ProcessBuilder then you could easily add PYTHONPATH (or whatever else you might need) to the environment.

Related post: Strange issue with Tomcat / Springboot
1 week ago
How are you running it from inside your WAR?
1 week ago

Mark Roberge wrote:... but now have a problem with the public double area(double a,  double b, double c){

Please Tell the Details so that others can help you.
1 week ago

Mike London wrote:There is no environment variable called "CLASSPATH", just path.

PYTHONPATH?  Python 3.11.1: Environment variables
1 week ago