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Recent posts by Ron McLeod

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Don't use classes with names ending Stream to read or write text files.

It is not clear if the intent was to store the selections as text or binary.  The file name has an extension of txt, but the contents is actually binary.
2 hours ago

peter m hayward wrote:I have placed some System.out.println in the code so that the restored valve can be seen and here is the output
n1 = 29
n2 = 14
n3 = 28
n4 = 29
n5 = 0
n6 = 1
Which is as expected, the comboboxes display  TET001 which is wrong

You should try and narrow down the problem to the get/write/read/set part.  Do you see the same behaviour if you only set the combo boxes with the values which should display TEST01?
2 hours ago
Welcome to CodeRanch!
21 hours ago
It seems like you are compiling with Java 11 (major version 55), but attempt to run with Java 8 (major version 52).

How are you compiling and running?  What are the versions of javac and java?

My workstation
21 hours ago

Alejandro Barrero wrote:I am creating a Java desktop application and I want to make sure it only woks in the network where it has been installed.

If you want to find the public IP address that the platform would use when accessing the Internet, there are a number of open network APIs which you could use.  Here's an example using ipify:
The IP address may not necessarily be the same ever time you check.  If the connection to the Internet is using DHCP, or if there are multiple connections to the Internet (for load balancing, failover, etc.).
1 day ago
You could do something like this to find all the ip addresses associated with the platform:
My desktop:
Be aware that the platform may have multiple network interfaces, and each network interface may have more than one IP address.  Also, as Tim commented, they will often be internal/private addresses, not public Internet addresses.

pari Nagda wrote:What is the recommended design to transfer the huge data between two heterogeneous applications sitting on different servers .

What is the size of the huge data?
2 days ago

Prince Rozario wrote:TRIED GIVING THE FULL PATH TO THE jar file, still doesn't work.
C:\Program Files\Java\Java EE\glassfish5\glassfish\lib>javac -cp .;c:\Program Files\Java\Java EE\glassfish5\glassfish\lib\javaee.jar
javac: invalid flag: Files\Java\Java
Usage: javac <options> <source files>
use -help for a list of possible options
5 errors

It looks like this particular problem is due to the space character in the Java EE directory name.  Try placing quotes around the path with that directory:
3 days ago
Great - thanks.

Turns-out it is part of the MS Office suite that is already installed on my Windows workstation doh

Vaibhav Gargs wrote:In the project architecture, RabbitMQ is being used for messaging. So just thinking why can't we use activemq?

That is a question that the solution architect could probably answer best.
3 days ago
Sorry for being off-topic for this forum, but I couldn't find a better place to ask.

I am trying to find-out the name of the drawing application in this image.  I saw it being used in an streaming presentation; not sure if it was running on Linux, Mac or Windows.

maxime Eastwood wrote:There is no request proxy through Apache.

maxime Eastwood wrote:I currently investigate on apache modules: centos has 82 modules activated and my Ubuntu only 21.

Does the request/response involve Apache is any way?
4 days ago
It sounds like to problem is encountered on the client side (PHP + cURL).  Have you verified that the server side is always sending the complete set of headers, regardless of which client is making the request?

Does the client's webservice request proxy through Apache? If not Apache can be eliminated as part of the problem.

Is the 1215 character (byte?) limitation just for a single HTTP header, or is that the combined length of all headers?
5 days ago
Thanks for for pointing this out - fixed now.
5 days ago