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Recent posts by ab singh

You can use google GCM(google cloud messaging) or FCM(firebase cloud messaging) and web services to maintain chat functionality. the working will be like
1. user 1 will post comment on app1 and message will be send to server and server will forward message to GCM server.
2. the recipient  having device id provided by GCM will receive message.
for more detail please follow this link.
GCM example
Google web site for GCM
7 years ago
for Android Just follow this link OCR Reader Code project
Other stuff that you might need are language package and tess two zar file that you can easily get from maven archive and github samples
for auto detection of the text just use opencv for edge detection to get area on which character is written, then crop that image turn to gray scale, send to ocr for recognition.
i Hope it will help you
8 years ago
For User Authentication you can use combination of app and server side technology.
1. create registration module, let the user register, send the data to server using xampp+php+mysql.
2. create a session like method that will save your detail in a variable (device memory) so that each time it will check user credential. if the user is logged in it will not ask to re-login.
3. while login user will enter id and password first time. send credential to server , check credential on database,if user exists with same detail. save detail in session method in device memory.
4. next time if user run the app check detail from the session variable.
5. You can also use device id and save it on server but if your app can be used by same user on other phone that there might be some problem.
for more detail Android Hive login
Tutorial point Login
8 years ago
The camera class have been deprecated so you need to use android camera 2 class if you want to use earlier version then follow this link
Camra 2
if you want to know more about it then there is a tutorial on you tube related to it
8 years ago
How to use Apache felix OSGI Framework to enabling and disabling Bundles, updating and installing bundle in client side (once product is deployed). This is mainly use for modular programming. Thanks in advance.
Some of the resources i have used but not able to figure it out.
The device on which the message is supposed to be send must have google services enabled, there might be some problem to device like lenovo and Mi phone to receive the message over wifi. This problem get resolved when the app is published on app store. Limit of 1000 user at a time in batch. some of the link to know more about the GCM are
There is new concept used by google that have eliminated GCM problems Please go through link : https://firebase.google.com/docs/cloud-messaging/#key_functions
also follow the instruction for more information

If you want to explore more then you can use IBM http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/en/wmq-telemetry
8 years ago
If we use any layout manager then using setSize() method lead to expansion and contraction of the component of the Jframe and in other hand if we use SetPreferred () method just set the size of component which effect the direct container.Its all depend upon use of Layout Manager. Just try both method with Different Layouts. You will get to know the difference after resizing the JFrame
For more information refer to JFrame API
8 years ago
you can use Random class to generate number and there is also requirement of alpha numeric ID they concatenate with string containing character
for more detail use this link Random class
example code
8 years ago
SQL stands for structure query language, first introduced in 1985 by IBM, It is standard language for database. there are there are three type of queries made. data manipulation language(DML),data definition language(DDL), Data concurrency language (DCL). For data storage in java you have to use JDBC ODBC driver and you can use any of the database like Mysql, MS sql Server or simply MS access. For more information related to using database please use this link.Oracle page
Or else if you can use this code to understand.

8 years ago
what kind of functionality you want to implement in your app with wifi in android. Please let me know.
8 years ago
Please go through this link
i think this can help to understand activity life cycle well
8 years ago
aimesh Vyas]Q 1. What should I use to access from main_activity to custom_view activity?

Q 2. Is there any relation between a layout and the click event?

Q 3. Do I need to write setContentView in MyView constructor?

I need to use View class in this program



8 years ago
i Think you have written wrong syntax for math function
as java is case sensitive so just replace


and also import the package
8 years ago
It was helpful, but I got an error message while trying to compile.
there is semicolon missin at the last of your programe in the statement

just add semicolon (;) at the end of the print statement
8 years ago
also you have used actionlistener interface whose method have been not implemented so either implement actionlistener unimlemented method and add action on the selection of sub menu
else exclude the action listener as i have done in given code also use try and catch block for each runtime.getruntime() method else ue can make this class abstract and call the method in inheriting class to handle the action.
8 years ago