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Recent posts by Anthony Villanueva

Originally posted by sura watthana:
when object B is cloned from object A.
then later after the execution of the programme, object A changes its properties or behaviour or both. My question is, will object B change too?

Yes. clone() performs a shallow copy, meaning only object references are copied but these object references in objects A and B both point to the same objects.
Sun has a convenient online tutorial on basic object oriented concepts and java programming. HTH.
19 years ago
Probably a good idea to take in the Big Bad Wolf for questioning too. He's been causing trouble in the neighborhood, breaking and entering, cross-dressing and scaring little girls. Been known to huff and puff too.
19 years ago

Originally posted by vishnu priya parimi:
I understand that instanceof operator is used to determine whether particular object is instance of particular class or not. But i get doubts when i am doing the mock exams.

Barry said: "If in doubt then compile it and run it." Very useful advice. If you think you got the idea, write some code that tests different variations of the idea. If everything runs smoothly, your doubts should go away.
It helps to read your post if you enclose it in code tags.

Since an scjp object is also an instance of the exam class, each scjp object inherits the public print() method. But this inherited method can only "see" the member x of the parent class, namely x="easy". Try variants of this code by overriding print() in scjp, or changing access modifiers.

Originally posted by Satish Kumar:
I am preparing for the exams.. can someone please give me the link and a few more links that can help me prepare for the test.

You don't have to stray far from the ranch. Best of luck.
Sorry to interrupt this chest thumping session gentlemen, but women are our intellectual superiors. Try winning an argument with one.
19 years ago

Originally posted by vishnu priya parimi:
Abstract method cannot be final. True or False ?

It also helps to consult the
I don't think we're that apathetic
And besides, IMHO a poster who contributes under any other name would smell as sweet... (Not that I've been helping out lately... )

Also, you can always email Javaranch to send you your password if you forget it.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Warren Dew:
Map, what's the reasoning behind taking the name of a god in vain, if you don't believe in him or her?

Because not believing in God might be a sucker bet.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Michael Ernest:
Jim Yingst and I like to volley a few lines back and forth once in a while, but I really can't have you speaking about him like this. I hereby admonish you.

Actually I was thinking about my classical mechanics professor, who is still unequivocally a D*ckhead.

Yeah, I remember playing racketball with Jim ways back myself, but no blood was drawn, and I raise my hat to one of the coolest sheriffs in the ranch. And besides, I consider the term "egghead" to be more or less concentrated to practitioners of the natural sciences, whereas the term "geek" now seems to be more appropriate for certain members of the IT profession. I mean, "computer geek" seems effortless in its direct simplicity, but "computer egghead" somehow feels clumsy and artless.

I apologize for the type mismatch.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Rita Moore:
as I know body shape has nothing to do with child bearing (unless it is beyond borderline). Put asian, african, european and latino women next to each other - completely different shapes, but all have healthy children.
And why do men tend to like underweight women? - those usually have problems having children.

My friend Janine she discovered a rule for couples: "The larger the woman's breasts, the dumber the man."

BTW the psychologist Havelock Ellis wrote an essay called "What makes a Woman Beautiful?" where, if I remember correctly, he argues that what a society considers as a sexually attractive trait depends partly on the prevailing racial types, hence the preference for blondness by Europeans.
[ October 06, 2004: Message edited by: Anthony Villanueva ]
19 years ago

Originally posted by Michael Ernest:
This approach allows for future implementations down the road that subclassing would restrict: Bedhead, Bonehead, Blockhead, Chowderhead, Deadhead, D*ckhead, Dunderhead, Eraserhead, Egghead, F*khead, Lemonhead, Melonhead, Motorhead, NappyHead, Poophead, Punkhead, Redhead, Sh*thead, etc.

That's true. Some Eggheads could be a real D*ckhead sometimes.
19 years ago
Einstein wrote Relativity: The Special and General Theories intended for the layman. The Lawson translation (as Windows Help file) is available
here. HTH
19 years ago

Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:
At least do they allow there in hell to email your friends from other levels?

Probably. But all you'll get is spam.

Originally posted by Ray Marsh:
I use the same approach for studying the Bible.

Funny you should mention that. Dante took the same line of symbolic interpretation of the bible from Thomas Aquinas and wanted his own text to be interpreted that way.
19 years ago