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Recent posts by Nancy Avent

As others have already pointed out that you should be looking for information from multiple sources; so keep your eyes/ears open.

About mock exams, I saw the most comprehensive list here. Please take a look to get all different sources of mock exams.
I think, it is only for good. You prepared more rigorously which is useful for the exam and for your future programming activities.
Assuming you are new to Java and programmer certification, my personal opinion is that you should go with OCA + OCP 7 way.

I recently saw a post related with this confusion, it might be of your help.
You wrote your for in such a way that it will never end. that's why execution will not hit 'break'.

Alam Ameghino wrote:Hi Jeame, I have a doubt.

I am OCPJP6 certified.

if I take the Java 7 upgrade exam (1Z0-805), Will I be "OCAJP7 + OCPJP7", or only "OCPJP7"?
In other words, I will be a "full Java SE 7 Programmer"?

Thanks in advance.

There is no half or full certification; either you will be certified or not. If you take (and pass offcourse) upgrade exam, you will be OCPJP7 certified.

Rishi Dhar wrote:i hav been through the K and b book for once and then for one and half month i left it, now i again want to revise, so what should be the correct way of revision???

You take mock tests and see how much you score. The score will tell you where you stand.
Thanks for launching the contest. I shall post a review very soon.
IMHO, degree and certification should not be compared. Degree is the basic education one gets; it is the foundation. However, a certification makes one specialize on one aspect (java programming in this context). Degree is the necessity, certification is for improving one's chances to get job and do better.
Read SCJP FAQs here.

This blog could be useful related to OCPJP 7.
We all were waiting impatiently for K&B book for OCA and OCP 7. I noticed earlier that it was postponed a couple of times. However, recently I was trying to search the book on Amazon and surprizingly I could not find it!!

Can I assume now that the book is not going to come? Or, am I missing something?
You are quite right Frank. I felt the same when I was preparing for the exam. The problem is that these topics are not given in exam topic list explicitly; but, oracle says we should know about java.util.concurrent package and its classes. So, IMHO if you have time just go through them; it is better to be on safer side.
Yes, it is required to do OCA before OCP. In my opinion, it is logical too; one appears in a simpler exam before the "real" exam.

Recently, I learnt that the price is reduced for both the exams. That makes convincing your manager little easy.

Kumar Khiani wrote:Thanks Maneesh for your prompt reply. Will do the needful.

Didnt find this topic explained either in the online tutorial or in Tushar's book thats why I was wondering. Just now checked it is in Head First Java.

There is no harm in reading little extra (and be confident)
In fact, it is covered by Tushar's book (see page 242).

Alexander Weickmann wrote:Mock Test - 1 Question 83. seems to be wrong. It's OK to define a finally block when using try-with-resources but the book says this is not allowed.

It's interesting. The book says finally block is not "applicable" (and not "not allowed") with try-with-resources. I think, it makes sense.