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Recent posts by B Muthusamy

thanks for your response!! I have sent a email to - sales@garnerpress.com.
No response from them yet.

Does anyone tried contacting them about this issue?
Hello Ranchers,

I bought the Study Companion book by Charles Lyons and I am trying to take the mock exam as suggested in the book.

The book mentions to visit this site - http://exams.garnerpress.com/scwcd. This is always down.

Has anyone face the same issue? Has the mock exam been moved elsewhere?

Any help would be appreciated very much.

Got the answer! It is the syntax of jsp:setProperty standard action.

<jsp:setProperty name="book" property="title" param="*" /> - this is wrong

<jsp:setProperty name="book" property="*" /> - correct way..
Hello ranchers,

The following is question NO:41 from Niko's mock test for servlets.

Consider this code.
package library;
public class Book {
private String title;
public Book() {}
// get and set methods

<%-- input.jsp --%>
<form action="output.jsp">
<input type="text" name="title" value="Mathematics"/>
<input type="submit" value="OK" />

<%-- output.jsp --%>
<jsp:useBean id="book" class="library.Book" scope="request" >
<jsp:setProperty name="book" property="title" param="*" />
I like <jsp:getProperty name="book" property="title" />!

What is the output when the form is submitted? (1 correct answer)
a. I like null!
b. I like Mathematics!

The correct answer is a. I am unable to get why. Param=* synchronizes all request parameters with useBean right?
Can you help me with this? Thanks!!