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Recent posts by william chaple

Hi guys! as before, i asked many times from you with help on certain programming questions and unix questions. Somehow, I landed a job as a systems engineer (baby position) and its probably thanks to you guys that slowly led me on this path. So, I am here asking for your help again. I would like to gather some opinions on automation.

I mostly work on a windows environment (sadly) and since it is a fortune 100 company, there are THOUSANDS of servers that I need to administer. I mostly did PHP for web content stuff. usually basic web automation type stuff to help my old job. M programming skills are not strong, but I need to improve them now since I need to get into automation

one of my first projects on my team is to create an external application that allows me to remote desktop into many servers as I list. Example would be I copied over 200 servers from a document and I pasted them in a word document and all of them can be opened with RDP sessions (with different domains) I was wondering what would be my best choice for automation. It does not matter the language I use, just as long as it works. I am trying to decide between Java, visual basic, C#, or powershell.

I was wondering if starting java again can be beneficial in a windows environment. I've only done java in school type work and never really business based or should I skip out on that and just move on to windows language for long run. any opinions would be great! thank you so much!!
6 years ago
this is my entire script below. essentially, I want a user to CD into the directory if he is prompted for, and also, rerun the script when it asks at the end. Everything works great except the end. if you see at the end when asking for cd into directory and asking if you would like to rerun the script, i just have it executing it again. Should I store it in a variable and call it? instead of just have ./
the error is it saying for cd into the directory, just blank. I know there is a child application, but I am not understanding the concept of it.
and to rerun the script, it is just saying cant fin it

6 years ago
hey guys sorry for the confusement

what I am trying to do is find out the workstation named "luna", what port number it is connected to? I need to change an ethernet cable from luna to the cisco switch, and I can not follow the cable. I can log on the cisco switch and see the mac / ip address associated to a certain interface, but i have to log on the switch

say I have a linux work station named "bigbear"; what can I do with bigbear in order to find out what port number luna is connected to on the cisco switch?
6 years ago
Hey guys

Well I already know you can go into a cisco switch, and type in
show mac-address-table address <MAC address>

and it will show which interface the mac address is associated with; but is there a way to do this through a linux terminal?
im not saying arp to find mac address or ip, but as an example, I have a 50 port switch about 5 rooms away. I can not follow the cable and figure out which port it is on

rather than me telnet to the cisco switch, can I do something from the command prompt or use linux terminal to find which hosts are connected to what port number of a switch
6 years ago
Hey guys might be a really dumb question...i kind of already know how to use scp
syntax I would normally use is
# scp ~/Desktop/file1

, however I am trying to see if it is possible to transfer a file to my home windows computer using putty.
At work, I have a linux machine called (deltaA) and a PDF file I want to transfer here to my Home windows computer called (BETA)
with BETA, I use putty to ssh into deltaA. Now, is it possible to SCP a file from deltaA to BETA? BETA is not a public IP, so there is no way i can do ex: scp ~/Desktop/file1 BETA@

I know I can use winSCP, but I was just wondering if it is possible to use putty, connect to my works server, and transfer it to my private 192.168 address at home. thanks =)
6 years ago
I am not sure if you guys know about this, but I am trying to do an imaging server at my house. I have over 10 computers, and need to image them from time to time.
anyhow, is clonezilla a stand alone server?

like example, an iso bootable medium? or is it just a software you install on a desktop and push images from therE?

was wondering if it is possible to have a standalone imaging server and add it on a blank drive server. one that i can pxe boot
6 years ago
Hi guys well i finally found a good path for me to settle in and that is to become a linux administrator. I am about done with my 4 year degree, and I do plan on testing for my linux + certification, however, what are the true essentials that a good Jr developer should know?
protocols, applications, management, snmp, backing up etc?

what tools technology

example, samba print server, samba file sharing server etc
6 years ago
hey guys,well, I am not sure if anyone knows about backing up 2012, but i performed a one time backup, and selected bare metal backup, and just got this notification

any ideas on why?

I added an attachment, so let me know if you guys can see it
6 years ago
you guys are awesome thank you so much! I am definitely brushing up with find and grep commands; eventually i will start doing awk
6 years ago
hey guys, trying to touch up my linux commands, however, when i check on stack overflow and super user, it just confuses me.

I found out that grep -r vim .
goes through all my in files that have the string "vim" but not file..

instead, how do I grep all file name ONLY in multiple directories with a matching string?

so lets say i have
folder 1
folder 2
folder 3

only folder 2 has a file name called "Iseevimhere.txt" -- if i were to do grep -r vim . it would just look for the in-file for vim, but not the file name (if that makes sense)

how would I search all the directories for the file containing vim? I know I can use the command find . -name "Isee*" and that would display all, but lets I do not remember the file name, but I do remember a string of it.

thanks a ton!
6 years ago

Blake Edward wrote:There is a book called "The Object-Oriented Thought Process" by Matt Weisfeld. He uses various coding languages for his examples including Java. Check your library.

It's easy for someone to suggest to you to brush up on your OO skills, but they obviously have no idea of the kind of commitment it takes to master the concepts of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. You can always build a small program in Java just to get a feel for it. The first useful program I built was a program that opens my email application, my two browsers of choice, my coding environment, and my time tracking application every time I start my computer. Find some small problem that if solved could improve your life, and create a little program that does it all for you. Google it if you have to and get some ideas or even a starting point. No one expects you to start OO coding from nothing.

There are many people that make a good living coding in php. Have you been to the Zend site ( ) to see what kind of training and support they can offer you?

wait, so you created a program that actually opens up email applications, open web browsers, and your coding environment all at the same time? I also see there is a Zend Server download, is that something that is required?
7 years ago
Great thank you! indeed, i will look into that. My goal was to brush up Object Oriented Programming in order to understand it better, but I mostly stuck with PHP (scripting, not OOP). Someone just said I need to know OOP in order to understand programming in real world scenarios
7 years ago
lol. Sorry, my communication skills are not at best.

Anyhow, I am a php developer, but not perfected or anything. In order to become a better OOP programmer, I am going back to java and focus on java for a few months to improve my logic and concepts to become a better programmer. Going to just work on methods, desktop apps.

I am more into web development, but been told switch to java to become a better programmer if my OOP skills are not good in order for me to understand frameworks, javascript, ect

Would this be idea?
7 years ago
Hey guys, well I went back to java to brush up on my logic and concepts. We all know web development is the way to go now and days, since, well, everything is web app based.
Anyhow, I am a php developer (novice/inter) now getting into OO php and then going to use frameworks after.

Was wondering going back to java to hone up my skills for the professional world, whether it would be python, perl, php, ruby, would be the way to go. Pretty much, any OOP in java, I am transforming it into php

Your advice would be greatly appreciated =) thanks guys!
7 years ago
yes! perfect thank you!! Something so simple was never taught to me =)
7 years ago