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It uses Unsafe heavily, but classes from "sun" package aren't guaranteed to exist in future versions of JDK. So it looks like this solution may have problems with maintenance in future. Is that correct?
8 years ago
What library do you use?
I believe RXTX is the most popular one for communicating with serial port in both ways.
8 years ago
The other naming of this kind of 'empty' interfaces is marker interface.
The concept of providing metadata this way is old and should be replaced with annotations in new applications.
8 years ago

Nataraja pm wrote:
please tell me why it is like
advance thanks for your advice or solution

Sir, you have to specify working directory along with running Tomcat:

Jaikiran Pai wrote:
A search for "embedded tomcat" will give you some good articles. Found this one, for example

Why do the OP need to use embedded tomcat if he clearly noted that he want to just run standalone Tomcat (without any additional control of properties via program logic)? I believe next suggestion will be to install full fledged JavaEE server with Tomcat to give OP everything that he don't actually need. YAGNI.
8 years ago
Andrew, did you succeed with the interview question?
8 years ago

Konda Golamaru wrote:
I'm trying to convert a COBOL code into Java, have an issue converting BigDecimal into byte array.

One question, what are your performance requirements? I heard that BigDecimal and BigInteger are slow.
Did anybody use GMP or MPFR, are there any real benefits (because one should use JNI to glue this libs)?
8 years ago

Randall Twede wrote:it is very good at doing it's job. btw, calling gc() does not ensure that it will run.

I agree that its doing good job, but I think it would be better to also have retain/release/autorelease mechanism which will allow to count references by yourself and release(deallocate) object right away, because as everybody knows GC cleans up memory with delay.
8 years ago
8 years ago

George Avilez wrote:

What is 'kboard'?
8 years ago
Why don't you start with any good Java book or this not very famous resource first, so we can talk about more specific things?
8 years ago
Just count number of products, if some of products more than threshold (like 4) apply new price, otherwise use ordinary price.
More specific approach: create simple binary tree for each product: Node{amount, price}, for input amount find tree for this product, balance it, get left leaf and apply price for that, subtract amount.
In the output you will have total price with discounts applied.
8 years ago
I saw that some of government web-sites use Magnolia, which I think means that it's pretty stable, so you can give a try.
OFF: But generally speaking I think it is easier (cheaper) to implement such a simple functionality with PHP.
8 years ago

Siddique Ansari wrote:

Henry Wong wrote:
... the socket library is probably the simplest choice.

I need to share Both DB and Some word files. Can you suggest me best website for learning socket programming.

I don't see that socket programming in this situation will be the simplest choice, because in this case OP will need to write both sides of socket communication, why to do that if OP can run Web Server (like Tomcat), deploy all necessary files there and simply download it via HTTP(S)?
8 years ago
I'm rethinking my first post in this thread, and it is looks like "QA-environment" isn't correct term for my situation - Dev-environment is more correct, because we need to apply rapid changes and run tests before the build will provided to QA team.

Ulf Dittmer wrote:...any other recent build tool should be able to handle that... Jenkins - just about anything you can do on the command line you can automate via Jenkins.

Thanks, it's good that it can do everything that is available from cmd line, because we have some bash-scripts that also need to be included in tests lifecycle.

E Armitage wrote:Here: is one of the links that came up for "integration testing on WSO2 Application Server".
Note that this is not the same as setting up QA. Usually QA is for users to test not for developers to run automated tests.

Wow! This is a golden answer! This is exactly the part I was concerned about - how will Jenkins deploy war-files to AS, and the Automation framework provides WSO2-specific ways to do that. Many thanks!

I'm also thinking of code review tool, will Review Board work fine or any better alternatives exists?
8 years ago
Hello Partners!
We develop SOA app with a bunch of web-services, which needs to be tested. We use Apache CXF, Axis2, MySQL, WSO2 Application Server (AS).
I want to have a server, which will grab sources from SVN, build WAR-file, deploy it on AS, run tests (send SOAP message) and send email in case of error.
What software should I install for that? Would Jenkins be enough?
8 years ago