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Recent posts by Suzie Russell

Okay, I'm dumb.
I found the error.

The thread can now be closed.

And for the record, I missed out this line in the code ->

8 years ago
This is a simple LOG-IN window, but I'm still stuck.

I run it from the DOS console,

A window shows up, and says Start: Applet not Initialised

And on DOS, the error is :

8 years ago
Do certs with someone with low grades make a difference if he is a good programmer?
And does the Math HAVE to be good?!
8 years ago

Angus Ferguson wrote:do you know about a free resource?

I guess Interviews always hover around the basics, and then more over to complicated questions. Maybe refreshing on the basics should help you enough to crack an interview.
Java Tutorial should cover it all. Also, some popular interview questions to wrap it up.

Abhijeet Sahai wrote:Hello Friends,
I am new to the IT industry and for future I want to know few answers
--> Does Certification in JAVA helps for growth?
--> How to go for the certification?
--> How to prepare for the certification from the 1st level to last level?
--> What are the books which I can refer?

1. Certifications look good on paper ONLY. They are the proofs that you know the language, but not of how well you know it.
2. Hows, and Whens for OCJP. <- CLICK
3. Reference books, WWW, and CodeRanch, ofc.
4. Kathy Sierra And Bert Bates, Ganesh and Sharma are mostly preferred.

(Read : I am not a professional, just a student. DO NOT BLAME ME IF SOME INFO IS INCORRECT)
Let's consider the simplest Swing program that prints "Welcome",

Now, for importing AWT, i simply write it as java.awt.(Whatever), but for importing SWING I have to write "javax"? Why?
8 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:

Suzie Russell wrote:I am lost

Excellent. Note this forum's title.

THAT, is an understatement.
8 years ago

Nancy Avent wrote:
I suggest you take a look at the first chapter (i.e. FAQs chapter) by Ganesh/Sharma book. This chapter answers all the questions a newbie could have on OCPJP 7.

Also, is SE6 better than SE7 ?

fred rosenberger wrote:I knew that you would.

You do? I am lost
8 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:I came across an article not too long ago that says for recent grads, the SINGLE most important criteria for getting a job is whether or not they had an internship...


Just something to consider.

Thanks, that helps.
8 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:And welcome to the Ranch

Thank you.
8 years ago

Nancy Avent wrote:

Suzie Russell wrote:I am still unsure about getting a Ganesh/Sharma or Bert/Sierra.
How is the Enthuware ?

P.S. : Its just been a few weeks that i have started learning Java, but I want to appear for OCJP.

There is no doubt about the K&B book (SCJP 6), it is quite good. However, their book for OCPJP 7 will come in June end. We hope that the book will be good as well. However, I started reading the book by Ganesh/Sharma and I (and few others) found this book useful.

I have NO idea whatsoever on when the exams are, and how to register.. if anyone knows please provide the link.

Katy Sierra was scjp exam designer at Sun micro system as per i know ,they write great book.

Didn't know that!
And thanks for the help. After everyone's views, I guess its not a bad idea to refer two books afterall.