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Rupinder Sandhu

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Hey, I managed to solve my problem.

You can close this thread.
8 years ago
Ok since you pointed that out about the char. I decided to put the emoticons into a Switch statement that deals with Strings.

How do i go through statements and access the Twitter API, and count the emoticons this way?? Please help..

How do I count the emoticons, when it passes through all those cases?

I have also thought of doing an array

But i have no idea, how to carry on. How do i query the array so that it goes through the Twitter api and gives me a count if it catches any of the elements?
8 years ago

I have code that allows me to get data from a Twitter Search API. However I am having trouble counting the emoticons. I have a text file, with 126 emoticons, that I have classified against numbers 1-6. These numbers represent emotions. So one column is emoticons and next to it is the corresponding number.
How do I read the text file that has both emoticon and number, and search the API and count the emoticons that it catches.
So for example

1 =)
1 :-)

2 :@
2 >

3 :-(

etc. That is how the text file is set up.

So every time an emoticon is caught in the search API, I want the count for each number to increase. How do I go about doing that? I have looked all over the web, which is how I noticed this forum.

I have tried that, but I have to input a pattern. And it gives me a count, but not one that is correct, because I checked manually.

8 years ago