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Recent posts by enombe thierry

in a java GUI messanger application that i wrote.i coded the server and the client side of them when i run both the server and the client on one computer ther are able to communicate but when i run my server and allow another client on a DIFFERENT computer it does not connect.Can someone please help me out with this i am confused.
I am learning on building web apps using play framework in one of these projects i need to implement a logging session and authentication but how do i do that.Can some one please help me with this problem
Please how do i go about to implement a real keyboard layout in my code ant testing for each button
6 years ago

Actually if int guess = 1 + randomNumbers(1000)

i want to equate guess with an int inserted in a JtextField.
what statement can i use to do that

6 years ago

K. Tsang wrote:Have you written code to generate the random number? You know this generated number is a double right?

Do you know how to get the value of the JTextField? This value is a string even if you enter digits.

Do you need to do the checking on the fly immediately when the cursor looses focus or when the submit button is clicked?

yea i do need to click a button
6 years ago

i have an int guess = 1 + randomNumbers(1000)

I want to compare an integer which is inserted in a JtextField with a randomly generated integer.I don't know which method to use so i can compare the inputted int with the random number.At first i thought it is "event.getActioncommand" but i later realizes that it was a method that returned a string.

How do i equate guess to an int value inserted in a JtextField
6 years ago
Please can someone tell me what i am to know before understanding how playframework works?
I have an experience in java but seem not to understand most of the codes written in play frame work.Just tell me if i need to know something else before going for it.
do subclasses inherit their superclass constructor and how?plseae i have a misunderstanding somewhere
6 years ago
Hello as regard to your question if i understand you well you mean you have a problem in how to call an array to a method so as to return the lenght? ue i think you should just create an array thuat takes an array as parameter and in the method's body you include a counter that loops thru the array and returnthe value of the counter
6 years ago
To begin with i will like you to look at methods as a function.
A method is like a function that has a return type and takes a parameter(s).For examlpe look at this method dat i call sum,It is declared as such
public int sum(int x,int y)
this method is public cos it is available to the public(it can be called by any other class but if private it can only be used in the class it is been declared)
it returnns the sum of x and y which is and interger , So int means return interger at the end of the method
x and y are called parameters(no limits as to the number of parameters te be passed to a method) and int means that they are intergers(the type of parameter must be included)So
6 years ago