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sowmya sk

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Recent posts by sowmya sk

HI All,

I need some quick help from you guys where I have stucked from the past few days.

I have 1000's of site links from which I mentioned few links from which I need to capture the data under columns "Bid Number","Project","Bid due date", and othercolumns data(NOTE - In all the sites there is no possiblity that it will have the same titles and websites are created using different languages like .NET,Java,HTML). Not only capturing the data under columns all these I need to store in DB and if there is any new bid is posted I need to inform to the users that a new bid has arrived.

Can you please guys help how can I achieve this or provide me some links. This I need to achieve using DOM and Java

Please refere these few links below

Thank you all for your precious answers. Your help will be greatful to me. I have searched a lot day and night but couldn't help and finally I need seniors help without your help it is not possible for me to achieve. Please help me seniors here.

5 years ago
HI All,

I would like to thank all guys who are helping here.

I need some help I will be very happy if guys can help me I am sure you will helping as the question which I am about to ask is nothing to the seniors here. My query goes here...

I have a page called www dot abc dot com and there is some content in that page now I want to store this content in an sqlserver.

I heard that it can be achieved using DOM can you guys help in this. If not in DOM please suggest me the possible ways.

Bunch of thanks in advance.Please help me ASAP as it is very urgent to my project.