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Recent posts by Rebecca Thomas

David Mathie wrote:Hi I'm new to the forum and just wondering if anyone could advise me on what materials to use for preparations for the OCAJP7 exam. I've been learning Java online with video tutorials and I'm learning fast and I am now preparing to take the exam in a few months time with lots and lots of studying. Thanks

Hey David Mathie,

Welcome to JavaRanch,

Refer the link given by Roel De Nijs.

My sugession for your OCAJP 7 certification exam, i refer you an exam simulator developed by EPractize Labs Team. I hopes that it will helps you.

Good luck David for your preparation!
hello Ankit Ahuja,

No more confusions, you can go and take your OCP JP 6 exam because OCP JP 7 exam ask you to take prior exam. So you must need to take OCA JP 7 before OCP JP 7. Better you can go for SCJP6.

Can i take OCJP 6 and then go for OCWCD 7 directly?

I think you asked about Web Component Developer 6 exam because still WCD 6 is the latest version. Yes you can go for OCE JWCD exam after finish you OCP JP 6 exam.

Any doubt about this exam read the following article

Prajakta Acharya wrote:Hi,

I am preparing myself for EJB certification Iz0-895.

After reading the topics in detail and trying some things practically, I am now looking forward to go through some brain-storming questions to understand my preparation level in each of the topics.
Can anyone point me to such questionare or suggest me good options which are worth buying.


For EJB i strongly recommend EPractize Labs OCEEJBD Training Lab to prepare for your exam. More details about this exam click the following link,

Good Luck! kumar wrote:Hello Everyone, i have comepleted SCJP and SCWCD certifications and looking to take up Web services developer exam, can someone please guide me if i need to take up the one bsaed on EE5 or EE6, also plese let me know of any good books/reference guides for the same.


hey yogesh

Better you try Java EE version 6. See the following url it tells you the preparation tips

Paul Mrozik wrote:I'm planning on taking the Java 7 OCA exam, but recently an interviewer from a company I'd really like to work for suggested I go through the SCJP 6 book. He also mentioned they're still using Java 6. The book he mentioned was written by Katherine Sierra and Bert Bates, and I've noticed that the following book by the same authors will be released in September:

OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide (Exams 1Z0-803 & 1Z0-804) (Certification Press)

I need an excellent book and mock exams as I intend to go through two exams every weekend. If I'm lucky, I might be able to land a job in a couple of months, but I'd like to be really well prepared to just go in there and start work. So far I've gone through Head First Java and I made the partial mistake of using an outdated Thinking in Java book, and I'm about halfway through that one. I've also been working on a personal project.

Anyway, I need two books: a study guide, and sample exams - any suggestions?

hey Paul,

You could try training labs from epractize for oca 7 and ocp 7 exams. Since you have basic knowledge about Java these training kits helps you to improve your knowledge in Java 7.

Pankaj Poshirkar wrote:Dear All,

I had completed my SCJP 1.4 certification way back in year 2006. I want to update my knowledge with the updates in Java 5 and higher versions. Is there any book or url where in I can get the listing of updates with each version of Java?

Thanks in Adv,

hello Pankaj,

Why don't you go for Java SE 7 upgrade exam and improve your skills in latest technology changes. You can try any upgrade exam books like OCP Java SE 7 Training Lab or similar.
7 years ago
Hey Jack

The majority of the exam objectives for OCA Java 7 are covered in SCJP 6, so you are 85-90% covered from K&B book. Just read exception handling changes, string in switch case and numeric literal changes Java SE 7. Note that OCPJP 7 is tougher than this and it covers Java SE 7 changes in deeper level like try with resources, JDBC 4, Java NIO2, etc.

Sandra Williams wrote:Do I need to learn EJB first to prepare Web Services Certification? Or should I prepare the business component certification first? Thank you.

hey Sandra,

You no need to study business component certification objectives to attend Web Services Certification. The certification will not test EJB technology in depth instead it asks questions about how EJB can act as JAX-WS endpoint or JAX-RS resource classes. If you are appearing OCE Web Services exam you also need to understand Singleton session bean type introduced in Java EE 6. You need to concentrate more on security stuffs (role based security on EJB tier) by annotations or by XML files.

Arun Raja S.K wrote:Thanks so much Jakachira and abraham. Your inputs are so valuable.

currently am using Pro Jpa 2 Mastering the java persistence API book to study and it also contains a chapter dedicated to EJB 3.1.
So is this book enough to cover EJB topics that i need know for exam ?

Also i came to know about this book from posts in javaranch. But those posts are old, dated back to 2011.
Is there any additional materials like new books or websites containing more useful info about JPA exam available now?

Hello Arun

I am not sure about how this book covers exam objectives related to EJB, however it is good for JPA stuffs.

Amritendu De wrote:Cade book and my book are still relevant. You need to study adam bien patterns and bitter java for anti-patterns concepts.

Apart from these you need to understand best practices for jee 6. I think jee 6 tutorial is fine.

For the latest on the exam faqs, visit oracle site because the latest info is there.

The mandatory course can be completed anytime in the certification path. To get the success kit and the certificates you need to submit mandatory training details. So you go ahead and complete all levels without mandatory course. If you really require success kit and certification (hard copy) you go for mandatory course. Still you are certified architect even without success kit .

There are many online resources available for preparing Java Architect certification, however coderanch is the best place to start. I used cade book for my scea 5 preparation and it is really good book for this certification. To update your knowledge on latest exam objectives go for Oracle's tutorial, blueprint guidelines and Training Labs from epractize.

Paul Kumar wrote:Hello !

I intend to prepare for OCMJEA 6. Can one of you please suggest the best study guide and other relevant material for the same ?


I got an email from epractize labs folks about OCMJEA 6 Training Lab BETA release. Here is the link.

Can anybody know when are they going to release full version?