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Recent posts by jayash samaiya

Hi all

I am using hibernate4-maven-plugin to create schema , now I want my custom class to be used as hibernateNamingStrategy .

When I give my class name as <hibernateNamingStrategy></hibernateNamingStrategy> It gives my classNotFound Exception

How can I made it available
9 years ago
Done this by Web.xml config

<param-value>classpath:spring/application-context.xml classpath:spring/rmi-context.xml</param-value>
9 years ago
I have a scenerio where I want to load my main config file initially when the context loads and another (rmi-context) at the end when all the initialization is done (Or just before while whole application has got started).

How can I achieve this because rmi-context want some of the bean of main config file. So at the end I want as a whole only one context
9 years ago
Hi All ,

I am using Hibernate 3.6.10.Final is it possible to use Oracle 12 C with it.

Does 3.6.10.Final provides a dialect for this or any workaround that I can do. I do not want to migrate to Hibernate 4.
I want Something like this in HierarchialContainer of vaadin

But while adding name, age again overrites that I have already written.Now how shall I make this this happen
9 years ago
In Ehcache we do have TransactionController, cacheManager etc.Do we have the same in Hazelcast.

Actually I want to manage the transactions in Hazelcast
9 years ago
EHCache Do not support clustering, try hazelcast instead.
9 years ago
DataBase is Oracle .

The Query finally returns 462724 rows (total rows are 1030987)

Yes There is a index on coulmn START_TS but it dosen't use it
Explain plan is :



Filter Predicates

START_TS<=TO_TIMESTAMP('22-09-14 02:06:00.000000000 AM')

And The Query is select * from FR_DS_PERS_OPERATION_BASE_TL where start_ts<='22-09-14 02:06:00.000000000 AM'

Also START_TS is a TIMESTAMP type field

The main question is that it is going for full scan , can any thing could be done .
Hi All ,

I want to execute below query on table having 1030987 rows :

select * from OPERATION_TL where start_ts<='22-09-14 02:06:00.000000000 AM' or greater than.

Now I have tried using indexed but none are workinng .

Currently the cost of query is 17000

Can anyone please help me out .

Paul Clapham wrote:Your listener class has to be in a package, just like your servlet classes do. (It doesn't have to be the same package, just a package.)

Still the problem persist :-) . Am I making any mistake in declaring the listener in DTD file.
11 years ago
When I am using the following code in DTD file all works fine.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<web-app id="WebApp_ID" version="2.4" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">


But when I add the listener declaration as <listener>
into this file and run the applicatin again it tells HTTP Status 404 - /Nsep_Account/transactions_home.jsp

Description-webpage not available.

11 years ago