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Stefano Lazzaro

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since Apr 10, 2013
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Recent posts by Stefano Lazzaro

Hello guys!
It's the first time I write in this saloon but I have a problem that makes me mad.
I have to change implementation of a Web Service in an old web application. The only things I have are:
  • Old Client axis-1.1 generated, packed in a jar
  • The wsdl

  • So, I did the Top-Down auto generation of Web Service using my beloved Eclipse, created a little main class to test the service and... it gives me this annoying:

    Googling a bit I found it's a problem between the axis library that auto-generated the client and the one that generated the server. I CAN'T change the client at all but I surely can change the server WS part.
    I think that this one is generated by a more updated axis jar, probably 1.2. How can I find and change the axis jar that generate the code in my eclipse?
    Is there a way to do it via command line?

    Thanks a lot
    8 years ago