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Vincent Rogel

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Recent posts by Vincent Rogel

I have a question regarding using JSNI to expose one of my GWT methods.

I have am trying to expose a method in one of my GWT classes that fires a message to other UI components.

In my application entry point I expose it with

class_a updates one of its fields, and then calls a static method from class_b.

class_b calls many other classes and static methods to process the msg

Basically, all I need to do is pass off a string and call a GWT method. The method (when called from GWT and not handwritten JS) works perfectly. I have also verified that the exposed method will fire a simple alert. I believe the problem lies in calling the other classes' methods.

I get: "(TypeError) Unable to get property 'hv' of undefined or null reference description."

Is there a way to pass off a string to the original GWT method without having to go an expose the countless other methods that it will eventually run through?
8 years ago