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Recent posts by Shuang mu

Hello, expert

Is the JNI cross platform ? As we know, java is crossplatform, so what if we use up JNI and build app with some dll(win32) .

Then can the app run at Linux with that dll? Or we need to recompile the native code again in Linux?

Is there anyway to embed C/C++ code inside java and make it work like pure java ? mean it can be crossplatform.

Thanks for reply.
16 years ago
I got another problem, and try to get comment from you all, so decide which method is better.
Now i need to copy some JAR file into the EXT directory before i run the applet....
i want the applet check the client side see whether got the require JAR file is inside the ext directory, if exist then return else the applet will download the JAR file from server and put inside the EXT directory and return...
so got any idea how to do this..?
Another Question is after i copy the require JAR into EXT library, do i need to restart PC so that installation that effect?
Thanks for comment.=)
16 years ago
Thanks for the answer, i get what i need..=)
16 years ago
Halo ,
now I am trying to develope an applet, but i face some problem which is the applet need to grant some permission...
Since applet will put on the network for testing purpose, i dont want edit the policy file for each computer on the network, so i wanna ask how to grant permission from applet so let the user grant permission ? which mean will prompt out message when user open the applet..
I read through many article but me quite confuse... whether the applet must get cert from CA to do that ? or can sign by myself?
Please tell me how to do the comfirm box can auto prompt out when user open the applet.
Thanks for reply.
16 years ago
Here let say inside PC there is dont have Acrobat Reader, Can we use swing to open the pdf file and preview it...?
18 years ago
now i face a big problem is can i reuse the prepared statement? each time i try to reuse it but i fail, all the reference refer to the same data make the update statement cannot be execute,
so please help me to solve this problem......
MBlob mBlob1 = new MBlob();
File file1 = null;

file1 = new File("./middle.gif");
} catch (FileNotFoundException e){
preparedStatement.setBytes(2, mBlob1.getBytes());
i get the error message
" [POL-5195] An internal error; Blob is null "
when i execute the program, i don't no what is the problem, i sure that 'mBlob1' got something inside there but why cannot set in.? Hope who know can tell me...!!