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Recent posts by Carter John

naveen patil wrote:I want to know the cost of Java SE 7 Programmer I 1Z0-803 certification in india and other information regarding where i can get the voucher and
what all study materials do i require to prepare for this certification???

Thank you

hello naveen patil,

cost of Java SE 7 Programmer I 1Z0-803 certification in india : Rs 8014

To get the voucher you can use anyone of these two,

Oracle Testing and Registration


For good study materials for this exam preparation, i think OCAJP 7 Certification Training Lab is enough for this exam.

More details about exam details or exam preparation details follow this article.

Tejas Bavishi wrote:Hello

Do I need to take Oracle training for certification - 1Z0-897 ?

Tejas Bavishi

Taking Oracle Training for this exam is not mandatory, finding some good material from web and start your preparation then go for the exam. I suggest you to try the trial version of EPractize Labs OCEJWSD training lab material before buy it. The trial version available for free of cost.

Still you have any confusion about this exam, go through the following article.
nagaraja ballal

welcome to this valuable discussion page,

it really depends on your plan only. I got one image from fb, it tells about the certification choosing path. i think it redirect you to the correct path

here is the image link for you,

Want to know ocpjp7 certification exam details read the below article.

Jeff Levine wrote:Hi Everyone,

I'm new to Java (and coding in general - career changer). I've been studying Java 5 and preparing for the Java 5 (SCJP) exam for about 1.5 years, and I'm hoping to take the exam this month. (I hope the 1.5 exam is still worth it - it's what I've been studying and coding with).

Any tips on schedules for the last month of exam prep?


hey Jeff Levine,

Better you can assess your preparation with some mock exam simulator, i think EPractize Labs SCJP 5 training lab kit will help you for last month preparation.

Good Luck for your exam...

Meghna Tiwary wrote:I really appreciate Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates's books. I am planning to prepare for OCPJP 7 certification exam. Are there any books available from Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates to clear this certification exam?

K&B book for version 7 is not available in market now, so better you search any other material. i suggest you to follow the OCPJP 7 training lab material. It contains both study guide and sample mock exams. so it might me useful for your preparation.

For preparation tips read the article available in the following url

Afsheen Sharief wrote:Thanks Fred!
So are the books for the version 7 available already? Because I heard they aren't any released, I might be wrong.

Afsheen Sharief OCPJP 7 Certification Training Guide is available in market, it is a self study kit. It may be useful for your preparation

see this article

best of luck bro !!!

Valleyman Vodoo wrote:Is it still possible for someone to take the exam without training and do training latter. I have been studying for the first part and the money to write the exam i have but 3k for training i don't have.

Yes you can take the exam without taking any training.

See this post --