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After 25 years of programming, Knute has retired to be a professional musician. Knute first learned BASIC and Cobol on a CPM Timeshare system circa 1985. He spent way too long coding in one flavor of Business Basic or another. Going back to college, he learned C and a whole new world opened up to him. Knute likes Perl and Java, for completely opposite reasons. Knute is a complex person.
Portland, Oregon
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Recent posts by Knute Snortum

Steven Mcdonald wrote:

Pete Letkeman wrote:Moving on to the next part I've started a new thread

Hi Pete, I'm just joining. The linked page has no content.

Maybe it was under construction, because there is content now.

Also, I've started looking into JavaFX, and already have a working primary scene set up with frames. Does it matter if I attempt this with a GUI?

Here's a challenge: if you write the character based game correctly, you should be able to reuse most of it in a JavaFX (or any GUI) program.

Also, I have my own Git so when I do have something going should I post the link to it here?

I'm assuming this is GitHub?  I don't see any problem with that; do you Pete?
1 day ago

Jan de Boer wrote: Should I use 'that' or 'who' here by the way?

Either, except when you need to clarify that you're speaking of a person, not a thing.  So I'd prefer "who."
2 days ago
Lines 30 to 32 are problematic.  You can't have a method inside a method.  Please post code that compiles, including the import statements.
2 days ago
Can you post your POM file?

But before that, Maven's default directory for class files is ${basedir}/target/classes.  Have you changed the target directory in your POM?  If not, look in target/classes.
2 days ago
You would send name into the method (not class) via a parameter.

(Note: the convention in Java is to start methods with a lowercase letter.)
3 days ago
Could you please TellTheDetails (that's a link)?  Give us an example of what command you issued, what was the result, and what you expected.
3 days ago
They're a little bookish.  I know of an obscure song that contains the line, "Have mercy on my poor old prurient interests."  There was (is?) a magazine called National Lampoon.  "Seamy" is conversational.  There is a cliche in English about "witty repartee."  "Visage" is conversational.  The word "smite" is in the movie Moana (as are the words "smote" and "smotten", which are not really words).  "Retaliate" is conversational.  That's all I can think of.  Some of the words (like sobriquet) I'd have to lookup too.
3 days ago
(I split this topic off from one where the OP mentions breadth.)

I had a fairly long email relationship with someone before I realized that he was a non-native speaker of English.  The key exchange went something like this:

me: "People think my name is funny."

him: "Why is that?"

me: "Because my last name sounds like snort 'em."

him: "I just looked up the meaning of the word snort.  What a fun word!"

This person's English was perfect.  I had no idea English was his second language. Yet he had never come across the word snort before!

Now see if this happens: you will hear the word "breadth" several times in the coming weeks and months.
3 days ago
There is not TextBox class in JavaFX currently.  There is TextField and TextArea.  Both of these inherit from TextInputControl which inherits from Control.

There was a TextBox in JavaFX 1, but that was when you were using a script to run JavaFX and it's gone now.  Does your exercise really say TextBox?  If so, it may be very out of date.  Can you post where you found this exercise?
3 days ago
I'm not sure this is an Eclipse question per se, but here are some thoughts.

* Don't use "C:\\etcetera" or your project will be tied to Windows.  (But since you're using an .exe file, maybe that's not an issue.)
* In general, just use slashes (/) for path separators.
* I don't know how the String path is being used in the Scan class, so it's hard to advise.
* Getting the launching of an outside executable right in Java is very hard.
* Specific to Eclipse: right-click on the folder then select Build Path -> Use as Source Folder.
* Another consideration is how you intend to distribute this project.  Executable jar file?
4 days ago
That's what I think.  When I do a JUnit test in Eclipse Photon, the imports don't have "jupiter" in the path, so I'm guessing this is not a standard JUnit.
5 days ago
There probably isn't a functional difference that's causing the problem.  I suspect that a library is set in one workspace but not the other.  Find the jars that contain the classes you're trying to import and add them to your Photon setup.
5 days ago
I would have to ask what's a DataProvider class?
5 days ago
Do you have to use arrays?  I would use an ArrayList for items (or a HashSet it you want to avoid duplicates) then create a method in the Player class called getItems() that returns the List (or Set).  Then you can do this:
And it would be even better it all the collections were Lists or Sets.
5 days ago