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Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan

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Recent posts by Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan

Hi all,
I specified a:link{color:white} in an external stylesheet and linked it to the individual pages, but it's not working. Is this because the link is in a table? Does a table not recognize external style sheets?
Any suggestions?
Hi all,
I just started learning CSS and was very happy to find that I could position my images and text using <div> tags instead of tables.
Now I'd appreciate some advice on the following:
1. I've specified % top and left positions so that my page looked presentable when I changed from resolution to resolution or resized my browser.For ex.
Is this done normally? Will it help at all?I just didn't want to design my page for any fixed resolution and therefore didn't use pixel sizes.
2. For my images though, I haven't set width & height at all(neither px nor %). So when I resize my browser/shrink it by dragging the resize arrow, my images and text shrink and overlap. I was wondering if it is possible to eliminate this by setting % heights and widths for images also?
3. How can I set % font sizes for say, my navigational links/headings etc.
I know I have other browsers and OS's to take into acct, but I just wanted to start somewhere!
Thanks a lot
Hi all,
I have a question about creating graphics for web pages.
If you visit sites like, say,
they have these nice rounded tables or tabs with links in them, as navigational bars(which might have additional features like images/text rollovers).
I wanted to know how to make these simple and elegant graphics.
Are these made in programs like Adobe Photoshop/Corel Draw?Once they are made, you just point to their location and stick 'em up on your web page and then take care of aligning whatever text in/around them?
Hi all,
Could somebody please suggest a book for JSP beginners which does not need a previous knowledge of servlets?(Or you suggest I learn about servlets first before getting into this?)
15 years ago
Hi all,
Need some advice!
Have been in the us for two years, but couldn't work since I didn't have my work permit.
Am an SCJP(done over two years ago!probably forgotten everything!)
Don't have a college degree from here nor much programming exp other than what i did for scjp which was not much at all!
So, QUESTION is, if I want to apply for entry-level positions in Java(which ar rare),
what do you suggest I do?
- Is there any site where I can do some real-world java coding for free so as to get some exp?
- What is this Brain bench exam? How difficult or easy is it?Is there some exam similar to it on the web, so I can practise?
- Is there any site which advertises entry level java jobs at all?The article posted by JiaPei Jen
on February 14, 2003 'Are These Typical Requirements For A Junior Java Developer' scared me stiff! Is this how it's going to be?
- Is there a site which posts common tech ques asked for junior positions in java?
15 years ago
Thanks for the help. I think I'll take the advice!
16 years ago
Hi all,
I'm from India and have been in Utah for the past 1 1/2 years.The job market as we all know has been very discouraging, and I'm tired of waiting for it to come up!
I have a question regarding studying for a degree here...
I wish there were degrees which offered customised courses i.e,for an MS in comp sc,for ex,I have to go through the data stuctures,hardware etc, which are not exactly my fav topics.
Therefore,my question is...
Is it better to do an MS from a regular univ(since your fundamentals at least become thorough) or can i go for these online univ(I don't know if they hold any value)which offer say a BS or MS which offer specializations in ceratin fields and which also help you finish in less time?
This is a major confusion for me, right now.Hope someone can help me!
Thanks a lot!!
16 years ago
Hi all,
I'm starting to learn jini and was wondering if any of you could suggest where i could get small and simple examples which could help me understand jini better?
16 years ago
I downloaded latest versions of jini and jdk on my win98.
I tried to run rmid at the command prompt as follows:
C:>rmid -J-Dsun.rmi.activation.execPolicy=none
When I press enter, I get no message at all, no error/approval. My cursor just keeps blinking. I don't even get the command prompt c:> back. There is just this blinking cursor.
My path has the bin directory and my classpath has jini-core.jar,jini-ext.jar and sun-util.jar.
Any answers?
16 years ago
Thankyou for the quick response.
I know I have rmid because I have the exe on my hard disk in the dir:
So what is the exact process of setting up the path to this dir?
Thanks a lot.
16 years ago
Hi all,
I just downloaded jini's and java's latest versions.
First,I wanted to start up the rmi activation daemon at the command propmpt :
I got 'bad command or file name' error.
My OS is win98.
Can anyone help me with this?
16 years ago
Hi all,
I am trying to make a web page which when viewed on a 640*480,looks awful with horizontal scroll bars and all.
But if I design according to this size, it looks very small when viewed on higher resolutions.
What do I do?Is there some script I can use?
Also how do I determine someone's browser size and dynamically adjust my content accordingly?
Thanks in advance.
Thanks for providing the link of your site :
I was able to follow most of your code. I do have a couple of questions, though :
1. Was that spider web an animated GIF? If so, what software did you use and what was the total size in Kilobytes?
2. Is your background deepblue.jpg tiled? I thought usually you create a gif and tile it?
I am just starting with web design and a lot of issues like web-safe colors,mouse rollovers,image sizing etc are cropping up!Appreciate all the help I can get!
Thanks a lot, Randall!
The colorchange code worked perfectly! I supppose that was the most basic Javascript technique I could come across! Which means I have a lot to learn!
Could you please advise on using CSS and what browsers support them? Also, how about these rollover effects with the swapImage(or similar) functions? How well are they supported?
Thanks again!
Thanks for the replies.
Can you please tell me what browsers support style sheets? Almost all nice websites seem to use them these days!
I'm sorry I'm a little new to Javascript. I tried your code, but it didn't work.The page came out blank!
<A HREF="link destination"> <FONT COLOR="#first color" on_mouse_over="'#second color'" on_mouse_out="'#first color">link text </FONT> </A>
Can you tell me exactly where I should place this code(Head or body makes a difference?), it should be within <script></script> tags, right? and also am I missing any semi-colons or something, what's with the #?
Thanks very much.