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Recent posts by salih ayan

Thanks Himai.
That is perfect answer. l got the point
1 year ago
Hi .
l want to ask about InitializingBean .
if you read below text it says that  "a bean to perform initialization work after all necessary properties on the bean have been set "

By saying a bean to perform initialization work what they want to express to us.
Can anyone tell me what our bean initialize .

2.1. InitializingBean and DisposableBean
The  org.springframework.beans.factory.InitializingBean  interface allows a bean to perform initialization work after all necessary properties on the bean have been set by the container.

1 year ago
hi Himai

Himai Minh wrote:Hi, Salih,
Since your Bilgisayar is a singleton, you only have one bean constructed. So, b1 and b2 refer to the same bean.
The @POSTConstruct method is called after the Bilgisayar bean has been created.
But we cannot control the order of the printing.

you are telling if we write @PostConstruct methods in confugration class this method while be performed each time after each bean class is constructed but we cant notice this
because printing order to the console  is not controlled by us
1 year ago
hi Claude

You may want to define a common ancestor class, with @PreDestroy and @PostConstruct annotated methods, and let your managed beans extend it.

this came to my mind...
but still l was thinking spring must have special solutions for this situation..
1 year ago
hi Stephan  ...
l really grateful for your helpful answer.

What l am want to do ?

Instead of putting "@PostConstruct" and "@PreDestroy" annotation in all bean class,  l want more generic solution, which is  putting  "@PostConstruct" and "@PreDestroy" annotation in
"Configuration" class than expect to work this two methods for all bean classes.

but for only one bean class its name is "Bilgisayar", "@PostConstruct"  method which is the "Configuration" class is not working as l expect.

l dont know could l explaing my point


1 year ago
Hi to all. l have three classes below

if l run this code, got below output  ...

if l changed Bilgisayar

and SpringConfig class like below

output will be like below

you noticed the difference .. in first output  
"@PostConstruct" comes before than "Bilgisayar CONSTRUCTOR"

but in scond one
"Bilgisayar CONSTRUCTOR"  comes before than  "@PostConstruct"

why ?
1 year ago

Liutauras Vilda wrote:salih ayan, I find your last question difficult to understand.

You maybe could put readers into context how the preparation about OCA 8 and in particular the need of an advice about the book is related with prior certifications as Java 6... Professional... Anyway, where v7 gone?

Hi . I meant that

if I want to get  "Java SE 6 Programmer Certified Professional (retiring May 31, 2018) 1Z0-851" certificate, do l have to get any prior certificate .
Because to get  "Java SE 8 Programmer II 1Z0-809" certificate there is  "Prior Certification Requirements" which is must be  "Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer"

do I have to attend any prior for  "Java SE 6 Programmer Certified Professional (retiring May 31, 2018) 1Z0-851"  exam

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

salih ayan wrote:. . . Thanks question is not about Sybex

What is wrong with Sybex? That appears to be a perfectly good answer to your original question.

That is right. Thanks

Paul Nijssen wrote:Hi,

I used the Sybex Study Guide written by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikof and using this book i passed the exam in one try. The book covers all the necessary topics and is written very clear. Next to the book you also get a lot of online questions to practice.

Best regards,

Thanks question is not about Sybex
Before l have made preparation for ocpjp6 .
You know very famous book K&B .
Some of topic from this book still can help me for OCA8?

And one more thing for ocpjp6 preparation .
Many experienced people were saying that K&B book is enough for ocpjp6. Now l figure out that there is no such enough single  book for OCA8. Am l right?

For getting  ocp8 certificate , before should l pass OCA8

Which book is the best for preparation of the OCA8.
I am expecting your advice.
Hi . i am making preparetion for OCPJP6 exam.
l have seen below sentence in Kathy Sierra book . which is about "AssertionError" ...
l couldnt figure out about meaning of "correct" and "legal" ...
Can anyone explane this two words.

Kathy Sierra book (About AssetionError)

If you see the word "appropriate" on the exam, do not mistake that for "legal."
         "Appropriate"always refers to the way in which something is supposed to be
   used, according to either the developers of the mechanism or best practices officially
 embraced(benimsemek) by Sun. If you see the word “correct” in the context of assertions,
 as in, “Line 3 is a correct use of assertions,” you should also assume that correct is referring to how
 assertions SHOULD be used rather than how they legally COULD be used.

What do you mean ?
You meant that if l make "Java SE 6 Programmer Certified Professional" exam does not include
"Develop code that makes use of assertions, and distinguish appropriate from inappropriate uses of assertions."

you meant l shouldnt study this topics