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Recent posts by Satya Chekuri

Mike Cheung wrote:Hi, is there a way to tell the login name of a visitor to a website?

It all depends on how the application is implemented. If user login information is stored in session when user logs in, it can retrieved at any point till session is valid.
3 years ago

effie armani wrote:Hello Guys,

I have just passed the exam(OCMJEA 6 ) and I have also attended the on demand course.
Now in CertView I can see that the status is passed however I was wondering how could I verify in my account that I have also attended the course.
Shouldn't it be somehow integrated in the account?
Thank you,

As far as I remember it is not integrated and it will not reflect in your account. Once you are done with course and are done with all three steps. You need to submit a form and you will get your certificate.

I have used snagit to grab the UML diagrams before posted them on html pages. Go through the questions at end of the post for more info
Sorry that you couldn't get through Part 1. When I was preparing for my exam I had to go through many sources to gain knowledge. For security I read Mikalai Zaikin’s SCEA Notes. Go through link below for more info.

Uma Nattamai wrote:Hi Srini,

I attended Java EE 7 New Features LVC - Live Virtual Class last week Feb 20th and 21st. The price was OK compare to other expensive courses (my company sponsored me :-) ). Only thing is the timing... it was early morning for me but just for 2 days... so its ok :-). The class was from 4:00AM until 10:30 to 11:00 AM CST. The course was really interactive and i enjoyed learning using their lab environment. I have submitted the Couse submission form as soon as I finished my training. I received approval email from Oracle on Feb 26th. Very much excited to see my success kit. The email mentioned that it would take 6 - 8 weeks.

Good Luck!!!


Hi Uma,
Glad to hear that you were able to complete the course and enjoyed it too. I had a similar experience. The only regret I have is that I had to pick a course that my company would sponsor, I was more interested in courses that were relatively costly.

Quick headsup: Oracle doesn't send success kit by default after approval, we will have to request it to be sent. Otherwise the approval email will indicate you to download the e-certificate. And heck ya!!! I got physical certificate posted.

All the best!!!
I personally divided my class diagram into multiple pieces. Refer to Questions to very end of this blog.

Hope this helps. All the best!!!
Hi Shan,
There is no hard and fast rule about when you can take your course. You can take at the beginning, in middle or at the end of your SCEA. I have taken the course after I am done with exam/assignment and essay. As Jeanne suggested if you feel there is some course that might help with this certification then you can go ahead with that course. Let me give you a headsup that SCEA is not about coding so don't expect courses related to programming to help you with exam. Any courses related to software architecture should help you.
Congrats Uma. I had similar experience. Step 3 still shows as 'Taken' even after I completed training and got certificate. You are good to go.
Btw welcome to the club!!!
4 years ago
Congrats!!! you need to take a course before you are awarded the certification and e-certificate.
I attended a LVC to complete my course requirement. You can find the technical requirements on their website. I had good experience with LVC. LVC has an instructor who works for oracle on other side. Its his choice to use webcam, my instructor did choose to use webcam for some time. you are suggested to have speaker and microphone on your end. After each lesson you are required to complete a exercise. Once you are done with the course you will be given a certificate of completion.

dayan kodippily wrote:got through from part 1 couple of months back, now planing to go for part 2&3, it's hard to figure where to start for part2, please need you advice

My experience: