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Recent posts by Ajay Hatkar

Use cases are often primary source of documents for functional requirements.
Is there any alternate approach we can adopt to capture functionalilty ?
I think it may not work for in all situation.
If unique column contains null value ( it's unique right and only one record may have null value ), what primary key object container will return ?
if database table have any column which has unique constraint, is it possible to have CMP based on it ?
Pradeep quote
Using intropsection will impact the performance. Why should performance pay the price?
Certainally true
EJB 2.0 Specification
The enterprise bean must not attempt to query a class to obtain information about the declared
members that are not otherwise accessible to the enterprise bean because of the security rules
of the Java language. The enterprise bean must not attempt to use the Reflection API to access
information that the security rules of the Java programming language make unavailable.
but if we have a separate utility class which obtains information about CMP attributes and sets CMP attributes, does it anyway defers away from EJB Specification
In any projects which goes on for years, we may need to make some design changes. I think changing names of Columns/type/name or addition of columns in table while in development/implementation is not very unusal case.
So now in cases where CMP's are based on such tables, what other alternative is available
How EJB container does us for us ?
We have just tag declartions for container right ?
Container provides the implementation for us... so it uses reflection for classes we have written for bean
can we do the same with CMP Bean classes
There are around 50...60 CMP beans.
15..20 session beans ( Session Facades ) which are referring those CMPS.
Now even a small change at the implementation time ( data type or name of attribute ).
We need to change at multiple places. but using reflection we can write a common method which will set/get all attributes.
Even with Transfer object pattern, we need to develop as many objects as no of CMPS.
An application refers a CMP bean having around 70-75 attributes. and the entity represented by the bean one of the primary entity. so the CMP is referred multiple times in application.
The nature of application is such that, may need to update the all attributes of the particular CMP. so we may need to call 70-75 setter/getter methods for each access.
If there is a change in any of attribute name or type then we may need to update the changes at multiple places where ever ther is refernce for CMP bean. ( around 70-75 get/set methods so as to access or update CMP attributes and at multiple places )
Maintenance of application becomes a tough job.
In large applications/projects it is always an issue about how to pass the Values. Although is it feasible to set the attributes using reflaction and avoid normal setter getter methods, it is not recomended by EJB spec.
can anybody please suggest fesible solutions
Congratulations to all ranchers who have cleared SCBCD.

Thanks to Kathy, Eve, Valentine for providing such wonderfull opportunity for all of us.
And for those who were not able to pass, they have an oppotunity to appear the exam again...
As Kathy said
Obviously (and despite the fabulous scores of some of our kick-ass javaranchers), the exam was difficult. More difficult than we had thought, which is why the pass percentage is 64%. That means a LOT of people not only did not pass, but got very low scores. So if you didn't pass, you're in a very large crowd
It does not matter sometimes u pass or fail. What matters more that you try !
I tried with Prometric Id, It says Invalid User id /Password
Whom shall I contact for getting correct id/password
It will throw java.lang.StackOverflowError
may result into crashing the container
I registered on 5/21. I have not received any confirmation reply.
I have given up hopes to get voucher.
As per JSP 1.1 Specs
The request and response interfaces together describe a protocol-dependent contract between
the JSP container and the class that implements the JSP page. The contract for HTTP is
defined by the javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest and
javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse interfaces.
So It should be of type HttpServletRequest.