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Recent posts by Charles D. Ward

This could be a sticky thread or something. The exact same question gets asked almost every day.
7 years ago

haraprasad mohapatra wrote:yeah but here the ! operator is used in the for loop for break which i was not sure of

so where can i get this kind of code any book or tutorial ???

Please give me the reference (any books,links or tutorial )as i am starting out on java it will be really helpful

You were already given links to read, just one post above the one I'm quoting.
7 years ago

Shaikh Nizamuddin wrote:Thanks a lot all :) I appreciate your answers. I had to make custom tags to fetch my needs.

Why ask at all if you are going to ignore all the good advice and do it the wrong way?
8 years ago
You should really learn how to indent code properly. My teachers would refuse to read that code and would give the lowest grade, even if it worked flawlessly.
8 years ago
Considering your other questions, I'd focus on learning basic/core Java first and only then try to mess with GUI stuff. Get the basics right first.
8 years ago
-I don't see a variable "In" declared anywhere.

-Saying that something "doesn't work" doesn't help anybody. Please read this page => It Doesn't Work is Useless

-Please post code (using code tags) instead of screenshots.
8 years ago
Roel, thanks a bunch for your help! I changed the country and now I'm seeing a much more affordable price (and I also feel like a complete idiot now).
So I wanted to buy a voucher for the 1Z0-808 exam, but just realized the price is now $245US! It was like $150US or something just a couple of weeks ago if I remember correctly. Is this an usual practice for Oracle?

Needless to say, I'm definitely not taking the exam anymore. I live in a 3rd world dumpster and that is a LOT of money here.

Liutauras Vilda wrote:A bit on code style part.

1. You got about 80% variables which starts with an upper case. These should be starting with lower case. You got some of them correct as finalGrade - follow that convention.
1.1. Also quite difficult to distinct logically Grade1 and Grade1use. First one I could guess, about the second have no idea unless I read all class. I'd say get rid of Grade1,2,3... and keep them within local scope of constructor and only have Grade1use as instance. Of course with different name.
2. There is no strong reason to shorten the class name StudInfo too. Why not to keep it clear StudentInfo or StudentInformation?
3. average method. It is not clear too, what it suppose to do? Average of what? Just print it? Return something?

The code style part in assignments are important, you could easily loose 20% of your mark only because of poor and misleading variables, methods names. On the more important side, you can confuse yourself, and get incorrect functionality, which could help you loose the way more points.

There's also the terrible, inconsistent indentation.
8 years ago
Never use Word for writing Java code. Use something like Notepad++ instead.
8 years ago
A PDF file or a DOC file are obviously not images.
8 years ago

Alaric Mustoe wrote:Well then could you give me an example of how to import and define movement for the image?

Stevens Miller wrote:
Tip: In Java, the word "import" has a very specific meaning, which has nothing to do with what you have described. So, let's use "read" (or "open," or "load") instead of "import," when you are talking about gaining access to the contents of the image file.

I think you should focus on learning basic Java first and then move onto GUI stuff/animation/whatever.
8 years ago

Isaac Ferguson wrote:Now it works

ex = "Over " + requestsInFile + " users the time per request is over " + loadRequestTime + "<p></p>"+"


Wow that's a terrible "solution".
8 years ago
Your ArrayList doesn't contain Events, it contains Strings.

Why are you converting it to an Object array and then to a String array? Why not just print out the Strings directly from the ArrayList?
8 years ago