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Recent posts by Roshi Kumar

str+value2 will concatenate String value of value2(10000.0) and value1(35.0) .

here '+' operator is overloaded . Hope it make sense to you !
9 years ago
you will be tested on multiple topic in a same question ! Be Prepared for that.

Gaurang Rathod wrote:

Q I went to Pearson center and their fees is Rs 10,425 as opposed to Oracle's website mentioned fees 8014. Why so??

OCPJP Fee 150 usd = 150 * 60
= rs 9000 + some % tax

Gaurang Rathod wrote:Q Pearson center says that after exam is finished, I wont get result immediately. Result will be available on email by Oracle after half an hour after test. Is that normal??

Yes it is . I gave this exam 2 week back and was required to create an oracle id where your result will be sent .

Gaurang Rathod wrote:Q I guess I can purchase voucher from Oracle and/or Prometric site, right (being in India) ? Which is the best option?

I will suggest you to got to any one of the NIIT center and get the voucher for Rs 9005 and this will be valid for 1 year.

int x; // it is a primitive type and default value assigned to it is 0 ; So you can use it in a expression;

Integer i; // it is a object here getting default value as NULL , so you can't operate on it before initializing as like all other objects
9 years ago

Pawel Pawlowicz wrote:
Do you understand now?

not really .. here before passing result value , it's being changed to 1 in finally block then that valued is returned .. correct me if wrong ... SO output should be 1 ...

N thanks for replying

9 years ago

why out is


why not

9 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:No. There's a rule that every class must have a constructor. So if you don't provide one, the compiler will provide one for you.

ya that's my question ... what it does ??

Does a default constructor provided by compiler do anything ?
9 years ago
What is the use of default constructor provided by compiler ?

Is it only to provide default values to class instance variable which is done by compiler ?
9 years ago

Chintu Ji wrote:
Did you find any Drag and Drop questions?


Chintu Ji wrote:
And did you find questions which ask to "select all that are true/false" without telling the numbers of right/wrong options?

they will mention no. of option you have to select.


I don't think base conversion will appear in exam ... But you can see few literals represented in base other than base 10(Decimal) in exam . So you need to be confident on literals in different bases .

Hi All,

I would like to thank everyone here as this forum helped me getting my OCPJP Cert.

Can you all suggest me what should I do now to get a job on JAVA Domain. I am a MAINFRAME developer with +2 yrs exp. But would like to shift to JAVA .

So Please suggest what will be best for me to do now.

Is it legal to Return any value from finally block ?
9 years ago