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Recent posts by Monique Johnson

I have this default configuration

Usually I replace the value for my "body" attribute, but now I want to replace "info" with a new page so I do

but I want to keep the value of the body attribute as it was before this redirect. How should I do this ?
Well, I think I upgraded correctly , since it works all right.

I tried to set FetchType to LAZY .
As I understand you suggested to use a query to get the orders so smth like this "select o from Order o left join o.productOrders po where = :product" ?
But I have to associate the new order with the product should I just insert directly in the OrderProduct table with a query ? I don't think that's correct and I'm new to all this so I'd appreciate any suggestions/explanations

Jayesh A Lalwani wrote:Which version of hibernate do you have? This is an old bug in hibernate. Happens when you set both sides of a bidirectional relationship as eager

I'm using Hibernate version 3.2.0.Final , I tried now to update to 4.2.8.Final but I still get the java.lang.StackOverflowError
Is the bug not resolved in this version?
How to solve my problem , please help me )

I tried setting the FetchTypes as Lazy (earlier) but was getting lazyInitialization exception and the solutions from the internet didn't help )
I have an app with a many-to-many relationship between entities (Product, Order) , the intermediary table is ProductOrder

the first 2-3 times I lauched the app it worked fine, but now I get


The DB was updated on the first runs (table for ProductOrder was populated with the correct data).

Here is the code for Product, Order, ProductOrder (id and other fields excluded) :

Product code:

Order code:

ProductOrder code:

ProductOrderId code:

The stack trace changes a bit with every launch , but the main error is still java.lang.StackOverflowError , full stack trace is availale at
I saw an example where an (inner)class is declared inside the main method, please tell me if this is correct or not and why/when it's reasonable to use?

so smth like this

5 years ago
yes, it recognizes it

after maven install:

and the error I mentioned disappeared after maven->update project, but there is now a list of warnings and I suppose tomcat can't start because of them.The majority of warnings are in WEB-INF, like

Here are a few others

5 years ago
I downloaded the zip for the sample app (SpringBlog) from the book Pro Spring 3, from, and imported it to Spring Tool Suite, and a get errors like
"Build path is incomplete. Cannot find class file for ..." in the xml files for ex. for <bean class="com.apress.prospring3.springblog.batch.integration.FileMessageToJobRequest"> , please tell me what's wrong ?
5 years ago