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Paulo Diogo

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since May 26, 2013
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Recent posts by Paulo Diogo

Roel De Nijs wrote:But what are/were you trying to achieve with the chain? Creating the user interface? Processing a request? Or something else?

I received the param and passa to chain...

I changed to factory...

Roel De Nijs wrote:Extra complexity should always be avoided, simplicity is king! Because extra complexity means more code, more code means more (chance of) bugs, more maintenance cost,...

I don't see why you would use chain of responsibility in mode choice Because mode parameter is passed as a command line parameter to main method

I passed the mode for the chain... but you are right... I will use a simple factory
Is a good choice use Chain of Responsibility in mode choice? Will I add complexity unnecessary in the project or it's does not matter?

mode = client mode, alone mode or server mode
Opa! Thanks people! =D

@Roberto Perilo: cara seu artigo esta me ajudando muito nos estudos para a certificação, você é o cara!
@Roberto Perilo: man your paper is helping me a lot in studies for the certification, you are the GUY!

Hey people, I have one doubt about this certification... How much time I have to Complete Training? I have 6 months for COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT and COMPLETE THIS ESSAY...
Can I COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT and COMPLETE THIS ESSA and after Complete Training? anyone know about this?