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Recent posts by Agunbiade Ademola

I'm computer literate with cgpa 3.08 base on web developing using PHP technology.
2 weeks ago
Lots of Job recruitment i found online but 2% of it available for African IT Why is it like that.
I develop e commerce , how to market it and host it.
6 years ago
I thought applying the knowledge you have for something to cretate something geniue is the goals for calling your self programmer but when you are jobless you will found your self useless in the environment.

I need A job?
6 years ago
I have the clue for Android app complete explanation of it which I can write articles on perfectly.
6 years ago
Please I need A serious help concerning my ORACLE, I install Oracle 11g and i find it difficult to log in even till now I have forgot my username and pass so there no any alternative way for my to use the SQL Plus IDE,? I'm sick because i was unable to continue my Oracle studies since 2 Month now because of these and I'm well understanding the tutorial and I need to deploy as they are teaching me so it touch my heart for unable to deploy it.

Help me if there is any folder that contain my registration file during installation Please what is the best option for me? I'm using single node.
My Knowledgeable area is Java, C#, Java Script, sql,xml, xhtml, css, currently I'm building B2B all alone to meet up with web site like Alibaba, go4worldbusiness, I'm really trying to do this because I know software is not that cherish here in Nigeria so I really need Job if you can connect me in my blood and soul will pray for you as well i have experience 4 year in Electrical eng. industrial and site work. Even this night I'm still working doing some editing in the web and study to add genuine future to the site.
6 years ago
Dear Sir,

Please can you try me I have been in programing for the past 3 years now, i have degree cert, I can try, what is the Application we want to build all about?

My phone number:+2348162688618

I'm Nigeria.
6 years ago
I came to JavaRanch I seek for how to download and install Oracle and i did as i was told i downloaded it and install it but one thing left how to long in? Throught the installation i can't find anything like Username only what i can find there is Global Database name and password, during the DataBase Configuration Assistant I can notice the registration prompt me Administrative password which I type in but when I try to long in it prompt me error, I log in like this:

username: sysdba
password: *********

yet It prompt me error of either the user name or the password is incorrect,

this are the errors it prompt me doring installation

[INS-20802]Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed

The installation of Oracle Database was successful, but some configuration assistant failed, were canceled or skipped
Configure database with Database Control requires a listener to be configure in the current oracle home.You need to run Necta to configure a listener before you can proceed. Otherwise you may choose to continue without Database Control configuration

You can retry configuration this database with Enterprise Manager later by manually running C:\app\ADEBIADE\product\11.2.0\dbhome_3\bin\emca script

For all this files directory error above i discover that those files are in the BIN folder so I copy the directory to my path. please if there is any other way out of this explain to me i think it was my password failing. and my Global Database name is oracl.sysdba
6 years ago
I install the sql and is working successfully via window authentication login but in JDBC I have to call my username and password for the authentication how can i successfully change the Window authentication to sql server authentication by using password and username? I thought it should be done in my sql server configuration manager because when i make attempt to change the built-in account to this account from the sql server in the sql server configuration manager it prompt and error message that the specify network password is incorrect.

Please what is the specify Network password i will need to use to make the changes or is that not how to make the changes? Please help me out.
I downloaded Oracle software from for my window 8 of win32, the file link was:(, this is the

directory of the File:


I can not find the .exe file to install the oracle, i have downloaded the file twice is the same details i found in it, kindly tell me

what next to do? please explain in details if there is no remedy how can i get the software with complete .exe file, to continue my

studies and if the file i downloaded was completed, kindly tell me how to install it because all what i can found in it .jar files.

Thank you

6 years ago
Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm A diploma certified developer, I have been in studies as a software application developer since 4 years now, I finish my high school studies with 9 credit at 8 years ago with my certificate to prove it.

I went to hardware engineering school in which it was bunch of theoretical aspect, I had my certificates for that too, which was diploma with good result as well, because it was bunch of theoretical aspect I decided to go for electrical engineering practical for 5 years from a License Technician engineer, which I have certificate to prove that too because I believe that Computer System is Electrical Transmissions as a whole.

My area of Knowledge in Software is JAVA, C#, JAVASCRIPT, HTML, CSS, XML,SQL, I understand xsl and xslt as well, in corresponding to SOAP or SOA knowledge, I quickly catch up when I give my full concentration on a scenario and when they teach me anything about A, I quickly think of B-Z.

I'm currently building B2B electronics commerce to test myself ability but I have no support and no motivation in my surrounding, Software is not well cherish here in Africa because I'm a NIGERIAN, I need JOB, I don't want to be a wasteful product I'm 27 years of age. If I cannot travel down to United State, I'm open up to Internet services 24 hours, please how can you fix me in? My parents are getting old I need job to take care of them as well as myself.
6 years ago