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Recent posts by mehdi chorsi

Hello Urmi Garad
I'm new in struts2 and I did all things as you said but still doesn't work form

!!! can you help me?

Is anythings else to do ???
I've chenged my struts2 2.3.14.x lib to struts2 and after that when I run this action (registerInterViewHistory()) it give this error:
I'm using spring4 and hibernate 3 and freemarker-2.3.19.jar and Tomcat7


this is my action

in this jsp there are to actions first action is on form and just updateInterview when click on save button, but another action is on register button and first update interView in IINTERVIEWACTION
after that I've putted newinterview data with this code ( requestMap.put("interview", newInterView); ) to use some fields in another action (newStudentAction) and another jsp (createStudentInterviewed.jsp)

can someone help me please
7 years ago
Ok thank you so much it is good solution

I've done and It's work
7 years ago
Hi Raymond Holguin

Did you solve the problem ?

I have same problem now could you please help me?

a sample or a link
7 years ago
Thank you
I checked all the dependencies and application work fine
7 years ago
Thank you So much Joe Ess for your reply

I'm new in struts2 could you say about Struts dependencies ? what is mean?

7 years ago
After 3 days I could finally solve my problem with my teacher's help :
I did all config for validation as you see but:
the first problem was : validatoin didn't work after submit >> my struts version was struts2-core- I changed it to struts2-core-2.3.15.x.jar and it worked

the second problem was : after submitting validation message wasn't displyed >>> after 1 day i found the solution >>>>> problem was theme="simple" in my textfields I changed it to theme="css_xhtml"

7 years ago
i changed


but still doesn`t work

please Helppppppppppp
8 years ago
thank you Jaikiran Pai for your reply

as you seen for xml validation i did all things step by step my problem is when i submit my form validation doesn`t work and my form submited

can you check my code please.
8 years ago
Hello everybody i`m trying use validation on my form and i did all things in the samples and googled many times to find solution but unfortunetly i coulden`t solve my problem and i read all topics about validation on but ....
i`m using struts2 tomcat7 jdk7 spring4 hibernate3 and sitemesh 2.4.2
can any body help me please



this is my Entity

my Action


this is my lib:

and another thing is BankInfoAction-validation.xml and are in the same directory

Please Help me ....
8 years ago

i have question there is KEY attribute in select tag in struts2 i am trying get display name of select tag from resource bundle like this:

but in jsp view there is no any label and it can not read key from Resource Bundle

can anybody help me
8 years ago
ok thanks let me look the your link
and thank you to reply and your support
8 years ago
i don't want to you do my work just i need a sample code
8 years ago
thank you for your reply i told i'm new can you send me a sample code step by step i'm realy confused
8 years ago