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Recent posts by Karthikeyan Pandian

Please some expalin this code

Yup got some clarity...
5 years ago
Ok thanks for the information.
5 years ago
I have a doubt regarding bytecode, what present inside Java bytecode, I heard that Binary code + OS understandable information + heaxadecimal 16 digit key is present inside byte code. Is it true or anyother information is present inside it??
5 years ago
I am getting this error even after successful compilation. I have displayed the codes here kindly, help me out.

Oracle procudure

But when i execute the program I am getting the following error.

-00201: identifier 'PROC1' just be declared
ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
PL/SQL: Statement ignored

What is the error saying about.
5 years ago
Ok Mr.Bear Bibeault , I ll too practice the same. Thank you
5 years ago

You mean just to run the server and check the working of the code in browser??
5 years ago
Yeah its working in mybrowser now..

But not working in my eclipse
5 years ago
What feature you are reffering to ???
5 years ago
But when I execute this program I get compilation error.
why Mr.Henry??
Hi folks

I was feeling ill thats why I failed to check this blog for the past few days.

The code here is upto date and I am using the same url pattern as /Logs in web.xml.

I am getting ?sex=on in the URL

Then in the main page i am getting the value for sex as null on

I dont know why I am not getting the value for sex.
This is my web.xml

5 years ago
Can a synchronization done when we extends the thread ??

Because while implementing Runnable its possible but I dont know is there way to synchronize when we extend Thread also??

5 years ago
For any non-null reference value x, x.equals(null) should return false.

Is the following code correct for the above contract??

Thank you Heena

Got the solution
5 years ago
When the first thread t1 starts to execute after providing some series like 1 2 3 then thread t2 starts to join and produce output like 4 5 6 then again A continues and then in vice-verse.

But i dodnt want this kind of output and need to know the error in my code.
5 years ago