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Recent posts by melad ezzat

Jan Cumps wrote:They will use it to pretend they have staff with that certificate to close a deal, while they haven't.
It's not appropriate.
For legality questions, you'd have to ask a lawyer

Thanks Jan Cumps

Jan Cumps wrote:> should i agree or refuse

You should refuse.

why ? is that illegal ?
some one ask me to add my Oracle java Certifications to his oracle Partnership account

should i agree or refuse

oracle gave me E-Business Suite R12 Projects Certified Implementation Specialist without any exam
does any body know what this certificate for
i had earned OCA,OCP,OCE web and OCE EJB

I just passed the Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer Certified Expert exam with score 90%.

it took from me just 19 days with about 2 hours average daily

I had prior basic experience with the Enterprise JavaBeans technology concepts

I used the following material:

a) EJB 3 In Action 2nd Edition (which cover EJB 3.2 and JPA , i just used the EJB part not the full book)
b)Ivan A Krizsan OCPJBCD-6-Study-Notes
c)Frits Walraven OCPEJBD 6 EJB 3.1 notes (is a must)
d)Enthuware practice exams (is a must)

My study plan was as follows:

i read topic (exam objective) from "EJB in Action" to get the idea
then i study the same topic from "Ivan A Krizsan OCPJBCD-6-Study-Notes"
after that i review from "Frits Walraven OCPEJBD 6 EJB 3.1 notes"
at last i try and study all questions of that topic from EnthuWare

i would like to Thank and appreciate "Ivan A Krizsan" and "Frits Walraven" for their wonderful Notes

and of-course the magical product ENTHUWARE its just magic
enthuware not just questions and answers ,it explanation of EJB in different way
you can choose different material for studying EJB but Enthuware is MUST
8 years ago
Congratulations Bora Seven

Thanks for your very Detailed Steps

it will be helpful for any one seeking Enterprise Architect Certificate

8 years ago
i want to take the advantage of this discount ,but also i have to book my next Exam next year(2016),

so i ask if i can book the exam in this December using the discount and then reschedule the exam date ? i am asking if any body had done this ?

i need to be sure before doing that.

Hello all

i just passed OCEWCD , and i was wondering Does OCEWCD has hard copy certificate or it is just soft copy?

Hello all

i cleared today OCEWCD with score 85% , i just studied for 1.5 month beside some work experience .

for the preparation period i used only 3 valuable resources
  • Head First Servlets and JSP
  • Servlet 3.0 Specification
  • enthuware exams

  • each one of these resources helped me in different way , and all of the integrate each other

    i would like to appreciate every one associated in production of these resources


    Roel De Nijs wrote:

    melad ezzat wrote:can i use this discount for more than one exam ?

    I didn't notice any restriction about the number of times 1 person can use that code, so I would say "Yes, you can use it for as many certification exams as you want"

    i tried to book two exams with total 190 eur , the discout was 19 eur , so i think it applied for one exam only
    Hi all
    i had cleared my Oracle Java Professional 7 at NOV/2013
    and still waiting for OCWCD 7 but it seems no one have any information about it
    so i asking you for advice
    Go for ocwcd 6 or wait for ocwcd 7 ?