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I am trying to create a demo app in Android which will basically do the following:

  • Search for bluetooth device. The devices will be displayed in a ListView.
  • On clicking any device, it will attempt to make a connection to the Bluetooth device.
  • After connection to a device is successful, a TextBox will be displayed with a Print button.
  • On clicking the Print button, the contents of the texts will be sent to a Bluetooth printer for printing.

  • I am able to make connection with the Bluetooth printer successfully. However on press on the "Print" button I am getting the exception:

    Following are the related code for Bluetooth connection and Printing. utility class for all BT related activities) custom BaseAdapter created for a ListView which will display the Bluetooth device on search and on click of list item will attempt to connect to the device)

    I am calling the AndroidBluetoothUtils.printData(printNoteMessage.getBytes()) from another Activity on the onClick event of the "Print" button.

    Is there something I am doing wrong in this approach ? I have been trying to google this problem without finding the cause for this exception. Please help as I have been stuck with this issue for over a week now.
    7 years ago
    We are developing an application where we have to interact with three databases present in three different physical machines.

    10.123.345.321(IP) - MYSQL

    Database2: - SQL Server 2000

    Database3: - Oracle 10g

    We need to work with the tables present in all these three database. My Question is how can I implement this in JAVA with:
    1) JDBC
    2) ORM Tools(JPA, Hibernate etc).

    Also I was browsing through different sites and I came across the term Database Link. Although I couldn't understand what it is and whether it is relevant to my problem statement.