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Recent posts by Muhammed Refaat

Steve Luke wrote:Still not seeing it. Can you post light_dimmingbg and light_sliderhandle images - in xxhdpi if you have it. What version of Android are you putting it on? Are you running it on an emulator and seeing the problem, or only in the layout builder?

Can you also post the entire layout - cleaning out any of the non-needed bits, so I can just copy what you have and put it in my system to see how it works (without having to guess about what layout is containing the outermost LinearLayout)?



and running on API 14 as min sdk, and the target sdk is API 18

And this problem is in the layout builder as i use it to view my work on different sizes.
10 years ago

Steve Luke wrote:I'm not seeing it. Did you replace the seekbar/progress bar images in your theme with 9 patches that may not have been made correctly?

No, i didn't do that, i have used only the default sidebar progress bar, but changed the thumb. And i'm also using an Android built-in theme called (NoTitleBar)
10 years ago
I'm using a sidebar into my android app, this app required to run on from 7' to 10' android tablets, the problem is the side bar gives me different behaviors with the different sizes, look at the following pics:

with 7':

with 10':

and that happens with either fixing the sidebar size, making it in a specific range, or giving it the freedom to fit.

and that's my XML code that i wrote to integrate the sidebar:

10 years ago
I'm developing a java application that is supposes to use positioning techniques, So, I've to deal with the GPS technology,
letis suppose i have a gps module and that module will send the position information to my server and my server will access maps to complete the process.
I didn't pick my way to start yet and in fact don't know what's the best protocols to use or the best way to go throw that, and if there is any libraries that are developed for these purposes.
So, i made this discussion so every one can share his/her recommendations about that.
The first useful thing i found in my search is from the IBM website, here's the link
10 years ago
I'm using SMSLib in my java application to send messages, I make that using a usb modem as a gateway and send the messages to any phone throw it, the point here that when i receive the message it displays the sender as the sim number(the sim that exists in the usb modem). The thing i want to do is to assign a name instead of the sim number so the recipient will see that name not the usb modem sim number.
10 years ago
yea, you are right, i'm new here and i didn't figure out i posted it here, i fact i don't even know how to move it to another one
10 years ago

I want to use SMSLib in my java application to send and receive messages, but to work with it it's a must to include many other libraries like Java Comm in the jdk, and the java comm must work on a platform of 32-bit(jdk-32), but due to performance issues i can't run my application on 32-bit platform, So, is there is a way to include java comm in 64-bit platform ? or in general there is a way work by SMSLib on 64-bit platform?

Note: by googling there are some sayings that the RxTx solving this issue, i tried it and it didn't, as the compiler still asks me for win-32.dll.
I want to use SMSLib in java application to send a message to a cell phone(iPhone 3GS in my case), I have also a gateway in order to send the message through, The command used in that is :

it's easy to write(id, manufacturer, model), But, i want to know how to assign the ipName and the ipPort, i assigned the ipName as the ip of the gateway, is that true? and if yes how can i assign the ipPort ?[/size]
11 years ago