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Recent posts by Rex Ashworth

Is it a good assumption to choose an IDE that has enough documentation to support all it's features? I have been trying to learn java using the sdk and John Smiley books, but when it comes time I won't have a clue how to use any particular IDE. I have access to JBuilder but there again, no idea. So I have downloaded the docs etc. from the various sites, but a kickstart series on the IDE's sound like a good idea. Am I on the right track...
Can XML be utilized to write reports from a website using MySQL or equivalent databases? I am looking for an alternative to Crystal Reports.
And the core libraries could be explained where...I have the same problems with MFC's and the libraries with C++. As a newbie in all aspects where would I begin to look for explanations on what a particular library could do for me.
Great big Hiya to you both...
VB.Net, VS.Net, all of the other major ide's for varying languages have books coming out of the gazoo...will we ever see an increase in books for Eclipse that will familiarize new users with it's feature set and possibilites.
Are all ide's comparable?
In other words, there really isn't a "Best" ide, they all function properly once you learn the menu structure etc.
Just looking for an ide to move to once I get the syntax in my small memory bank and workable.
Visual Studio .net requires the .net Framework to be installed to use in most cases. Does java (Eclipse or NetBeans) require anything except for the java runtime? How about embedded programs, say for palms and cell phones?
[ September 25, 2003: Message edited by: Thomas Paul ]
As have not trying to write any java you deploy classes, packages, etc. or is there a compiler system to deploy and package programs. Also, what is the ease of use in connecting to databases...
20 years ago
Installed as administrator and now all other users get errors upon login that OpenOffice can't be installed. Upon trying to install per user they get .dll errors. Is there a FAQ to handle this or other tip page.
What are the differences between Star 5 and 6. For that matter OpenOffice. I use Open and besides formatting issues it crosses very well with Word 2002.
Hi all,
is there a replacement yet that I can import all of my Act database contacts into to use. Still looking for enough apps to get rid of M$ products.
comp to java. Trying out the first little lesson. ILoveJava file of some sort that should be turned into a class and ran. Where do I type the class info etc. I know rtfm but what manual? Did I miss something on the download. I keep getting popups when I click on help. Any suggestions appreciated, and flame's ignored.
But does it have the documentation support. I am trying to learn java from strictly a language book and course. Can I grasp the ide and write a class and run it on the fly or should I do the tutorial and grasp the source concept.
And what edition of JBuilder does it cover. Can I learn using the Personal Edition.
You can also do a search of JBuilder books and find listings for sites that have free .pdf downloads. I have found many of them on older versions of various software that I run.