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Recent posts by Charlie Sturman

Originally posted by Yuriy Fuksenko:
I understand that this is not a point of this discussion. But sinse it kind of starting rolling around of my response about "Next" button.
1. With no disrespect to Bear Bibeault - I hate broad statements.
2. as I pointed - what I am saying is not from reaidng "usability study that you might read" but from "from my experience".
And from my experience, in last 4 years all 5 webapps I worked for actually moved from using "Next" button to using very big scrollable tables because users are requested that.
Now - it may be very specific to our apps and not be a common case - but this is a fact.

Any broad statement is wrong, including this one.

P.S. And I am absolutely agree with

[ November 29, 2004: Message edited by: Yuriy Fuksenko ]

One solution for managing large data sets is to use an iframe as a dataBuffer.The browser response is fast since only 10 records or what ever get loaded as soon as they are available.While the user looks at these records the iframe is loading these 10 along with another 10,000 or whatever.Then manage the navagation using javascript to access the iframe dataBuffer.The iframe's style needs to have display:none set.The response time will be blazing fast even on a dialup.Also with a little more work you can use javascript to do filtering.
This is an extremely simple code example.I ran in ie 5.5 and Mozilla 6.2.When you make a simple mistake in javascript you do not get an error msg
for example let's say the function call name does not match the function name you would get a silent failure like the one you describe.
that's it you are on your own
Make sure you REMOVE THE SPACE -> "ON CLICK"
The space between on and click must be removed.
The space is only in there because the java ranch bbs software gets upset about on click being one work.
I did the following and it seems to works ok
remember to remove the space
on click=handleSelect
handle the select onclick event,remove the space between on and click
<select on click=handleSelect()>
Not doing much javascript these days but I did build column sort functionality.The main idea is to use a javascript 2-d array to set table cell values.Sort the array then refresh the cells,Simple!

21 years ago

Originally posted by maya menon:
How can you select a row from this window ?

You would have to write an event handler
for mouseover or mouseclick then attach it to
the "Dtable" instance container.I have done similiar funcitonality with Dtable.

Originally posted by maya menon:
The link says remote access is forbidden
can you send it to me ?

with the .js file src:
Drag and Drop is from JavaScript the definitive guide by David Flannagan
The dynamic table is something I wrote.I have an updated version that has more features.
This early version not very good but you are welcome to it...maybe you can use it as an example to create your own.
The main changes I made to the dynamic table object was to add many prototype methods for setting style and handling events.These can be overridden so that each cell of a table can be customized as far as how content is computed or how the cells style is set.
In general,I recommend javascript the definitive guides 4th edition by David Flannigan.
[ September 26, 2002: Message edited by: Charlie Sturman ]
It seems there are alot of people who's posts are questions for requests for help.This is all well and good but maybe JavaRanch big wigs might want to consider a fee based system using something like this:
21 years ago
The app below does parent child.
Click on event M100...M10000
Then a picklist of entrants for the event is loaded to the left.
I keep the data seperate from the dynamic display.The data is usually just a set of related javascript arrays.
Note: this was written a long time ago
and the host brinkster has become pretty unreliable;(
[ September 21, 2002: Message edited by: Charlie Sturman ]

Understanding the business side of the equation will become absolutely critical, especially as business units take over some IT functions and development efforts. Adaptability and a lifelong commitment to learning will become essential.

Heck so what.This has been the case for a long time.Allways have been "super" users.Some of the best people I have worked with/for are the top techs from the business side and I have allways felt it was essential to learn the fact that is why I got into IT
Then I also have gotten alot of Help Mr.Wizard calls from these "We don't need no stinking IT"
types.They build some pretty fast rickety rickety systems then call IT to help with a few "minor" fixes This actually works out pretty good.But I have noticed one thing for sure pure IT types are alot more honest ur I mean less political than the guys from the bs ur I mean business side.
That is one of the key traits of a good programmer,they are compulsively honest and can't spell worth a darn
[ September 20, 2002: Message edited by: Charlie Sturman ]
21 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Phoby:
objRow = document.all.item("tblcollgroup").insertRow()
objCell = objRow.insertCell();
objCell.innerHTML ='<td width="20%" align="center" class="lbl">' + currRows + '</td>'

In the above code i want to add the class'lbl' to the current cell. But i am not able to do it. How can i do this ? It is very urgent for me.
[ September 19, 2002: Message edited by: Paul Phoby ]

objCell.className = "lbl"
Re: javascript on ServerSide vs javascript client side.I have never used javascript serverside.
var obj = new Object()
obj.string = "catfood"
alert("typeof obj " + typeof obj + "\n" + "typeof obj.string " + typeof obj.string )