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Frank Jacobsen wrote:I have taken the upgrade exam yesterday, and the only design patternes i got questions about was DAO, singleton, factory, abstract factory.

Ahh, that's what I want to hear!
OK, thanks for your quick reply.
So it looks like we have to be able to at least recognise all these patterns and to be able to place them in the big picture.
Strange that Oracle is not able to produce a more exhaustive list of exam objectives than the one in my first post.

So, I am going to assume that reading a few high level articles about design patterns should be enough preparation?
Articles like these:


Currently I am preparing for the Java SE7 1Z0-805 upgrade exam. Have worked through the book of Ganesh and Sharma.
Now I worked my way through the exam simulator from Enthuware, part 2-design patterns and note that this simulator covers a far broader range of design patterns than does the book.
Book covers: DAO, singleton, factory, abstract factory, observer.
Enthuware simulator however asks questions about: all of the above plus service locator, business delegate, front delegate, front controller, MVC, flyweight, dispatcher view, intercepting filter, session facade, view helper, composite view, value list handler, value objects.

Obviously I would like to know the real scope for the exam.

Oracle says this:
Here four 'items' are mentioned, in line with Ganesh/Sharma book, on the other hand books like "Head First Design Patterns by Elizabeth Freeman, et al" are recommended study material, but this book covers far more than the four 'items' mentioned.

So, which design patterns should be known for the upgrade exam?

Thanks in advance.