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Recent posts by saqib abbas

Thanks for the reply man Can you post some links that can be helpful for me?
10 years ago
Hi There everyone. I am new to android and trying to build an application that would allow the user to make traveling plans for the future which would be stored in SQL data base and i would also create an based server side application that would compare the freshly entered entry to all other already existing entries. If the timings and destinations are same in different entries then the users with same travel plans would be notified on their android device. The notification will be sent along with the information of all the users with same travel plans so they can contact each other and share the transport facility and fuel cost.

What i would like to know is
(1)What is the best way to send data from an android application to SQL server?
(2)How can i notify the users with same travels plans using an web application?
(3)Since i am making this for only learning purpose, is it possible for me to create this application without using a dedicated server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
10 years ago
I am looking to make an android app that could be integrated with the operating system to enable the user to perform any task on the device via speech. I want my app to have complete control over all the software running on the device i.e the input given by the user should be able to invoke any block of code in the operating system. Although i do realize there might be some limitations but i want as much control the device as possible(via speech). That's pretty much it as far as the requirement goes.

The problem is that i am completely new to android and don't know where to get started. I am aware of speech recognition API provided by android and also java.lang.Process so i do have a basic idea of how to invoke a specific process via speech but how can i write code to provide such functionality for all the processes? I would really appreciate it if someone here could just point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance. Waiting for a quick response.
10 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:First, I don't think it takes an above average intelligence to be a programmer. It takes discipline, the ability to focus in on a problem, deconstruct it into smaller tasks, and to repeat that over and over until the code comes easily.

Also, I believe a video game DESIGNER is different from a video game PROGRAMMER (although I'm sure there is some overlap). There are lots of pieces to making a game, including the artwork, the character design, the mechanics, the sound, etc. I'm sure that not all of these require you to be able to write code to connect to a socket..

I say look around and see if there is some other component to video game design that may interest you more. If not, and you want to do it, just know you may have a harder time than others, but that's going to be true no matter what field you choose - programming, playing the cello, or being a financial adviser.

Thanks everyone for the quick replies

As i have stated i do find this field interesting and i got into it due to my interest in video games but right now i am not learning programming specifically to become a video game designer i wouldn't mind getting a job as a programmer or web developer although i would like to develop some video games some times in my career and i would greatly appreciate it if you could give me more information about video game design\development.

As far as discipline and persistence are concerned i admit that i haven't been the most disciplined person but even when i am giving 100% i just can't seem to get the job done and more i fail the worse it gets. Most of my class mates don't seem to struggle that much i feel like i am way behind everyone. Am i the only one having so much trouble in the beginning? does programming become harder or easier as you go on? Has any body else gone through the same situation? Some times i feel its only a psychological issue and i can become a successful IT professional if i can get ever some psychological barriers things would work just fine but i just don't know how to do it.
10 years ago
Hi there every one..,this is my first post on this forum. I am a beginner at programming i have started learning programming from my university and to be honest things are not going to well i am barely surviving the university some times i wonder whether programming would be the right choice for me as a career. Its not that programming doesn't interest me in fact i remember the time when as a kid i use to dream of becoming a video game designer(Go figure!) its just that i just cant seem to get a grip of the concepts its takes much more time than other students to write programs.

I admit that i am not intellectually gifted person i have painfully average IQ is it just that i am not talented enough to be in this field? I hate being uncertain about my future i want to know whether i can become a decent programmer or not some friends have advised me to work on an individual project, according to them that would help me asses my self and see whether i find programming interesting enough to be considered as a career, i have just finished my exams and now i have about 2-3 months of free time on my hands so i am wondering whether there is any beginner level small project that i can do on my own to really get a better grip of the situation? By far i have covered following topics of java

The very basics(Loops,conditional statements, classes and objects, methods etc)
Sockets(just basics)
Event Handling
Exception handling
also some JDBC

I would love to find a project that would help me practice even if it is beyond the scope of things that i have learned. I am looking for a quick and honest response thanks in advance.
10 years ago