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Recent posts by Rajesh Chokkalingam

After three months preparation, I've passed the Exam today. Thanks to All. My Since thanks to K&B book and K&B practice Exams.

Next i want to do certification on oracle database side. As a Senior programmer which exam good for me?
7 years ago

I'm new to JSF 2.0. i want to apply style for JSF LAYOUT like want to change remove border, set bg color. It is working through the style. but it's not working when i included css file. Is there any other way to include css file in JSF. And also i have removed dafault styles using

8 years ago
While using a radiobutton group in a radiobutton used under an itemrenderer of a datagrid, I am getting the following error,

Error #2025: The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller.

8 years ago
Thanks Ben Pheonix. I reviewed the code more than 10 times. but i didn't check the spelling of the method. Usually i'm using editors for programs. but for OCPJP preparation, i started typing code in cmd prompt itself.

Thanks to all.
As I already mentioned this program taken from k&b book page no 281 and answer is A,B.
First problem, i'm getting compile error.
second, need clarification about how can be answer is a&b by running this program?

method name changed in every places and compiled getting same error.

Bridge.java:17: cannot find symbol
symbol : method getValue(int)
location: class Bridge.Suits
1 error

please try this yourself and let me know
This is the error, i am getting while compiling the program. i have changed name getBidValue to getValue still have same compile error

Bridge.java:17: cannot find symbol
symbol : method getBidValue(int)
location: class Bridge.Suits
1 error
Hello Dudes,

In K&B book page no 281, i am not understand following program and i'm not able to compile the program. I'm using java 7 to compile this program.

public class Bridge{
public enum Suits{
public int getValue(int bid){
return ((bid-1)*30)+40;
Suits(int points){
this.points = points;
private int points;
public int getVaue(int bid){
return points*bid;
public static void main(String[] args){
System.out.println(Suits.SPADES+" "+Suits.SPADES.points);

A. The output could contain 30
B. The output could contain @bf73fa
C. The output could contain DIAMONDS
D. Compilation fails due to an error on line 6
E. Compilation fails due to an error on line 7
F. Compilation fails due to an error on line 8
G. Compilation fails due to an error on line 9
H. Compilation fails due to an error within lines 12 to 14
Cohesion fully focus on how well single class has defined?

High Cohesion is desirable, low cohesion is undesirable. usually programmer want to develop code with high cohesion
If a class created with well encapsulation and that support for future implementations and enhancability with out deleting existing code, we can say that class have high cohesion. following examples taken from scjp 6 exam preparation book

Low Cohesitve Example:
class BudgetReport {
void connectToRDBMS(){ }
void generateBudgetReport() { }
void saveToFile() { }
void print() { }

High Cohestive example
class BudgetReport {
Options getReportingOptions() { }
void generateBudgetReport(Options o) { }
class ConnectToRDBMS {
DBconnection getRDBMS() { }
class PrintStuff {
PrintOptions getPrintOptions() { }
class FileSaver {
SaveOptions getFileSaveOptions() { }
i read information from oracle site and also found OCPJP page. I was having little confusing with exam centre. Now i got information from one of my friend, i have to go prometric center(like NIIT) to write exam.
Thanks for reply.

I want do OCPJP. but i don't know how to proceed.
Please give me detailed description about registering exam on education.oracle site, purchase voucher, voucher validity and next step how to proceed to exam, where i have to write the exam etc.,
Inner calsses are "one time use" class that need not be available to other classes, and only is relevant to the class in which it resides.

when you want to implement some classes behaviour or properties and that properties never needed for any other classes and it only tied with your classes, you can go for inner classes.

Also by using inner class instance can able access member of outer classes.

see chat client want to inherit all the events from separate classes and also it wnat to inherit some properites from some other classes. Here java wont allow multiple inheritance, in the same time event never going to use for any other classes. because events are chat client specific. So we go for inner classes events are placed in inner classes still chat client can extend any other class.
Agreed with Pawel.
Anyway to pass OCAJP7 we have write two exams.
option 1:
step 1: passing OCA7
step 2: passing OCAJP7.

option 2:
step1: passing any java versions certification(includes java 4,5,6)
step2: passing OCAJP7..

still option 2 is better. you will two java versions certified programmer. And also in option 2 itself, you will prepare almost 90 percent for second exam.