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Recent posts by Beau Tremblay

I want to create a collection view, similar to the iOS Collection View. This collection view is associated with JTable so the user can toggle between views. I've implemented ResultSetGridPanel which is visually what I want (see image; proprietary chemistry is blurred) It is using a ModifiedFlowLayout and adding ReactionResultCellPanel which subclass JPanel.

The problem is I can have multiple tabs, each with their own grids, that can have up to 500 cells. So memory becomes a problem with thousands of JPanels.

I'd like to paint more like a JTable. Is is possible to either 1) reuse a single JPanel just for painting or 2) try to make ReactionResultCellPanel a subclass of JLabel and paint? I assume approach #1 means ResultSetGridPanel has a custom paint method, but I'd lose the benefits of my layout manager. Approach #2 seems like an easier approach if I can paint the cell properly.

I've attached the grid and cell classes. Thanks.



4 years ago
I understand for a simple table model, all that is required to show a Boolean as a checkbox is to 1) override getColumnClass to return a Boolean for that column and 2) override isCellEditable. I've run simple examples, and the checkbox appears fine.

I have a class called ResultSet used to store a collection of data which extends AbstractTableModel

In the table's view class, I have a method which sets up the table columns:

The problem is the checkbox is not appearing when rendered. I see "true" or "false". Here is my renderer factory:

If I add back the commented line, where a Boolean.class column uses the custom CheckBoxRender, it works. Though shouldn't the DefaultTableCellRenderer handle this case fine?

Thanks for any insight.
6 years ago