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Recent posts by chrisyt white

ok, will look at that ,thanks
never heard of it.
right thanks for the tips
6 years ago
Right Bear Bibeault
I've changed nearly all programs on my site from java to JavaScript.
The new problem is...
JavaScript doesn't do graphics (images but not drawing/lines/etc) and my remaining programs use graphic's
This is the program I'm going to work on next

Currently it's in Java, so I'm going to translate it to JavaScript.
It seems that JavaScript has add on library's.

So before i start down one road to turn around and go down another
what would you suggest it the best library that will allow graphics?

which in short is approx drawing a graph/circles/bars/sign waves etc.

I've come across jQuery jschart and a few others

So the question is
which one to use?
many thanks

P.s. moving to JavaScript was an excellent idea, thanks.

6 years ago
Hi Bear
So is it that applets are now out and javascript is now in?
oh well i suppose that's progress.
will have to learn javascript then yes?
i'm not aware of warnings with any javascript programs.
so that's, well good.
i tried the eclipse J2S, Java to Script
but gave in after a bit.
best to learn it i guess.

thanks for both your excellent replies.

also there is not much issue with javascript running on mobiles is there?
as it's built into browsers i think.
thanks again.

7 years ago
Thanks Paul for that brilliant reply
for the certificate, it's only little old me, who wrote the programs some time ago just for fun really
for others to use, if the certificate didn't cost a lot would be ok, but if it's hundreds well defeats the object.

7 years ago
Ok thanks will use English the best i can.
(will delete those postings and re-write them again here)

Will re-compiling all the programs in java 6 remove the warnings
I don't know much about the digital certificate.
i'ts new to me.

However if i get one will that remove the warnings?
All my programs are safe. They don't do a lot and don't access anybodies computer.
Thanks for saying there has been problems with applets i didn't know it was possible.
I know now thanks for that.

I'm beginning to think re-write them all in javascript
as that doesn't have the warnings
Nobody wishes to run any java program anywhere given all those warnings.
although i'd much prefer java.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

7 years ago
would that certificate code thing make any difference?
and if so where and how much is it?
is it a one off or yearly thing or what?
7 years ago
thanks will redo em all in java 6
why all the warnings tho?
i like java cos it's so much safer, but with these massive warnings might as well reprogram in javascript
cos nobodys feels safe running any java programs
7 years ago
apologes if i've posted this in the wrong place, i couldn't figure where else.
7 years ago
Hi Java Ranch :-)
i've some somewhat old programs on a server here
and others over the site
i updated them all using eclipse to java version 7
but now they all pop up with that very scary warning of how dangerous my little program might be.

as opposed to going to long lenghts to re-write them all in javascript
is there anyway of removing that terrible warning?

do i need to buy a certificate or something and add that to the program
and after that is runs without the warnings?

or maybe if i recomple into an older version of java?

what can i do, as all them programs are now usless to anybody cos they all so scared i'm gonna do terrible things to there computer

much appreciated if you can help.

thanks chris white

7 years ago