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Recent posts by ibrahim yener

Dear Tim
Thanks for reply.

I open video files in notepad++ and string into it then save it. When i try to open video file through VLC doesn't appear even a single frame.

When i open file and remove just added string and save it then VLC plays it as usual.

What i want is that remove added string programmatically.
7 years ago
I want to add some random string very top my video file by editing Notepad++ and want to remove that string to play video.

If open a video file by Notepad++ following text will appear
   ftypisom   isomiso2avc1mp41
so, i want to add something like
dklfjhsdfkdsurytp3985utrjfakdsf    ftypisom   isomiso2avc1mp41 and save it
and want to remove that string by Java program.

So far i have succeeded:
1- Open video by Notepad++
2- Add random string top of file and save
3- Wrote a java code read file line by line
4- Remove that string by java and save file

However, after saving file by Java
video files doesn't open by VLC player or any other player.

How can i achieve that goal?

Any idea?
7 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:There's plenty of choice.

Can you give me some hint/choice please.
Thanks for all answers.
7 years ago
I see
The reason i have got that error is i am casting Dog class to Animal class by

Animal d = new Dog();

7 years ago
Since on real world it is impossible to change locale for every single user who use your program.
Even you cannot force them change their Locale through Control Panel > Language .....

Instead of doing that i suggest use Locale to change user locale at run time.

7 years ago
I have following sample java code

if i try to compile (even eclipse doesn't let me) throws me "The method bark() is undefined for the type Animal"

which mean i have to create a bark() method in Animal class. So, Let's say i add one more method into Dog class as dogsLoveBallPlay()
in this case i have to create same method name in Animal class yet not all animal likes to play ball.

If i create exact same method in every super class what's good using Object? because i will have two different class but exact methods for two

How can i avoid it or handle?

I really like to learn this point of Java.
7 years ago
I am wondering how can i (honestly what format) i can send value to serial port.

Let's say i have following key-value pairs
['id'] => 10
['name'] => 200
['lSend'] => 0 // means Off
['pSend'] =>1 // means On
['lStartHour'] =>12
['lStartMins'] =>23
['lStopHour'] =>12
['lStopMins'] => 35 ......

I know i have to convert those values to byte but if i merge all those values and i will have very long 1 and 0eos
how come PIC card will understand which value for which key?

Also, i have read portion of this code which means Java program will receive 1 and 0eos how can i know which data which key's because i have to write those values into DB.


Paul Clapham wrote:
I haven't used that sort of thing since about 2001. Why can't you just try both of them and see which of them works better, or which of them work?

Thanks for reply. I will check both of them as you suggest and will let you guys know the result.
I have got the answer from PIC developer team and they said they are going to connect PIC to pc via USB/Serial converter.
In that case pc recognize USB port as Serial port.

With this information what you suggest to communicate with?
RTXT is the best solution?
does javacomm can be alternate?

Yes, they are design and develop item to plug into usb port.
I just have sent a request to PIC teams and waiting answer.
So, do you mean that i can communicate my java desktop application with PIC through serial port without installing a driver?
If yes, can i still use javacomm library?
If not, what do yo suggest?

Thanks for anwer.
Dear Paul
Thanks for quick response.

PIC card is building by another team. I am going to ask them either write a driver or communicate over tcp/ip.
I guess TCP option is too difficult because PIC cards works stand alone and only communication with outside of world is through my java application.

I am going to search google as you suggested hope to find something useful.

I guess even serial port needs driver for communication right?
Hello to all.

I have a task which i have to achieve. I am trying to listen socket with a certain port with java as long as program runs.

PC is connected to a PIC card which controls various devices. So this PIC is connected to PC via USB and send sensor values to PC
every 3 minutes.

How can i listen USB port?

I have searched many internet sources and most of them is related with IP address listening.

I am trying to use javacomm library but there is a lot of negative comments about it such as portability
My pc (where program runs and listen USB) is Windows 7 64 bit.

Thanks for any help and advice.
Please take a look attached picture
8 years ago