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Recent posts by Carlos Borrero

Hi there,

What is the best advice for a beginner jumping into all these technologies: (Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node), where to start, in which sequence and how to approach each one ?

thanks in advance,
Hi Amritendu,

Does this book come with practice software or excercises, if no, which is the best way or tool you would recommend to practice for somebody that is not currently working with this technology in order to get up to speed for a position that requires these skills ?

Best regards,

Bear Bibeault wrote:Any level of folder.

Thank you for the quick response
3 years ago

I have a newie question,

In build.gradle what does the double asterisk (**) mean in include '**/*Test.class'

Thanks in advance,
3 years ago

Roel De Nijs wrote:

Carlos Borrero wrote:I wanted to know when would be release date, I pre-ordered it in chapters about 1 year and 5 months ago, and I just checked again in the Chapters page and the release date now is showing as July 25, 2015,

Is this more or less the expected release date ?

According to the official page of the book, it was released on October 13, 2014.

Hope it helps!
Kind regards,

Thank you Roel, I wrote to Chapters Canada and they said that the book is estimated to be released by January 31st 2016, I think there is an information gap on their side, even states it not yet released, I will cancel my pre-order with them and get it from the link you posted, thank you very much for your note

Hi Kathy and Bert,

I wanted to know when would be release date, I pre-ordered it in chapters about 1 year and 5 months ago, and I just checked again in the Chapters page and the release date now is showing as July 25, 2015,

Is this more or less the expected release date ?

I already got the OCA JSE7 certification and I wanted to wait for your book to prepare for the OCP JS7 certification, that's the nature of my inquiry...

Thank you,
Welcome Kathy and Bert, thank you for all your dedication and efforts to improve the learning experience of Java
Welcome Jeff, nice to have you here
4 years ago

Joseph Bambara wrote:Carlos
re your question
if there will be a (SCEA/OCMJEA) for Java 7

The new OCMJEA exam (java6) was just released it will be perhaps 2 years before the next one

Thanks Joe
Hi Joseph,
I am a newbie regarding the Architect Certification (SCEA/OCMJEA), I have just completed the OCAJS7 and I am planning to take the OCPJS7 and then I wonder if there will be a (SCEA/OCMJEA) for Java 7, in what I have review I have seen it goes till Java 6. Please let me know your thought about it.
Welcome Paul and Joseph, I was thinking about this test over last week as one of my future plans, thank you for your book and for inspire us
Thank you Roel, I got it now
Today I cleared the test and I want to share my experiences and the material I used

1. Enthuware - Must do all the tests in it

2. Transcender - Very nice interface to study the material and to remember the key concepts (I know it may be a bit costly but it's worthy, believe me, your memory will take you back to this material on some specific questions during the test where they really nailed down on the concept and you will be thankful).

My advice is try to get more than 70% when taking Enthuware tests, if not then go over and over again until you understand 100% all the questions, same thing for Transcender.

Last advice, if you feel that you are more or less prepared for this certification, then don't take it, postpone it and go back to your selected resources material and once you feel super prepared go and take the test...

Have a goal in mind to meet the timing in the test, try to aim 1-2 min per questions, you don't want to miss the last questions, I found them more simple than the ones in the middle and you don't want to miss these questions that can add points to your score and you are more likely to have them right,

I took my test following the below timing plan which I used during my practices so i could control my timing and get used to the pressure and to the mental speed to solve each question,

I was studying for the 90 Q's in 2:30 mins so I made this table to measure how ahead or back I was and believe me that helped me in the test, because it tells you when to push harder to catch up.

Q's Time

0 - 2:30
18 - 2:00
36 - 1:30
54 - 1:00
72 - 0:30
90 - 0:00

Good luck to all of you and Good preparation,

"Sounds too good to be true? then believe it because it's good and it's true"

"Winners never quit and quitters never win"

4 years ago
Hi All,

I cleared the certification today and I want to update the material I used in the Wall Of Fame but I don't find anywhere in the page how to add a new row, even I am logged in before I get to OCAJP 7 Wall Of Fame, there is one button Edit but it asks for credentials so I entered my javaranch user and password and it doesn't work, do you know how...

Thanks in advance,