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Recent posts by Simon Li

You are all right, I'll add that function. But if there are no more seats available for one transaction, there are two choices:
1.Cancel the booking, simply return "No more seats aviailable".
2.Book all the remainder seats, return the seats booked and inform operator there are still some tickets can not booked.
Which choice will you use?
In FBN assignment, could I only provide the function to book only one seat every time? Or must I provide the function to book several seats in one booking process?
OK, I've settled the problem. I think it dues to there's an old stub in my project scjdClient's src directory. Thanks Daniela, Victor and Peter!
Another question, I use JBuilder to compile RMI project, it will clear classes directory. So if I do some change in client source code and recompile, JBuilder will delete the stub file I've copy from server to client classes directory. That means I should have to copy the stub file again and again after changing clint code. Does anybody has some good idea about it?
Yes, Data is a remote object.
hi gurus.
I'm doing FBN project. I've run the server:
1.rmic -v1.2 suncertify.db.Data
2.start rmiregistry
3.start java suncertify.db.FlightServer db=E:\develop\scjd\server\suncertify\db\db.db
When I run the client, shows error:
java.rmi.UnmarshalException: error unmarshalling return; nested exception is: suncertify.db.FieldInfo; Local class not compatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID=-4980001947418265841 local class serialVersionUID=-5449000422649340349
The metod in is:
public synchronized FieldInfo [] getFieldInfo()
Could someone tells me why? Thank you.
In RMI, if you want to use a remote method of the server object, you must include the same databaseInterface in the client program as in server program.
Thanks Sai Prasad for your reply.
If I use
Hashtable theLockRecord = new Hashtable();
whether I don't have to use Synchronized(theLockRecord), because JDK says Hashtable is synchronized?
[ April 21, 2002: Message edited by: Simon Li ]
Hi everybody.
HashMap theLockRecord = new HashMap();
When I use a collection in lock/unlock, what the diference is between theLockRecord.wait() and wait() ?
It seems that we want to change the thread state to wait, do the two ways get the same result?