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javac -cp /com/data/cour ;

If you are using windows OS, First skip the First '/' because it is used in solaris for the root folder. and skip the ';' . Instead of semicolon (;) use a single space...
I think it will work fine ...

-cp or -classpath works for same . As an example. After the -cp tag you must specify the fully qualified name of the class.
So use

javac -cp -d . com/data/classeur/

from root of com folder. -d . means where you want to save the class files...
[ simply to understand : -cp is followed by a fully classified class path and -d is followed by a directory location to store class]

Pictorially Example :

| |
| & D.class
| & F.class

Commands from root directory:

javac -d . com/data/cour/
javac -cp -d . com/data/classur/

To run :

java -cp F

I think this will work..

Oh check your code... You just import package not package Class
change that into

I am so sorry for that . I was in so much hurry when i was writing it. So It was skipped and i did not see that. Alam Ameghino
Consider you code :

public static void m1(Dog... ds) {
for (Dog d : ds)
d = null;

public static void m2(Dog[] ds) {
for (int i = 0; i < ds.length; i++)
ds[i] = null;

these m1() amd m2 methods are different because of it's for loop... Just see ... what happened for m1() method....
forEach loop : firstly initiates the variable d and then chage the value d to null;
so it's it like this :

a=5; b=a; b=0;

So, will the value of a change ?
of course not...

For the second m2():
for loop is working with the index (i) and assigning null to the arrays all position... So it changes....

These are the difference between ... so they are not same....

I have started reading Head First Servlets and JSP....
But didn't know , how much tasty this is!!!

Thanks for you kind information.... Hitesh Patel Patel
Thanks ...
Roel De Nijs
Thanks for the response ....
Actually I don't know the ocmjd exam system. I want to do that certification. What type of project , the exam likes .. Can you please tell me...
I would be glad....
Hello Guys ... I have passed OCJP-6 exam with 100% score ...
I don't know what is next to do ... Can you please suggest me what and how to start with OCMJD........
Don't worry Guys ... I got my Result ... I passed with 100% score ...
8 years ago
Can you please explain how ??? I am not clear about it ...
I completed ocjp-6 exam today ... But I can't see my result. What should I do .. I can't think what to do? Can anyone help me , how to see the result...
Everything is ok ... In my cartview a button see my new exam result when I clicked on this button it shows me ... This will show the result if you attended exam on 16 Nov or after that ... and a button "OK". When I press the 'ok' button ... the page is being vanished ... I can't think anymore .. Please help me ...
8 years ago

Which two are true? (Choose two.)
A. An encapsulated, public class promotes re-use.
B. Classes that share the same interface are always tightly encapsulated.
C. An encapsulated class allows subclasses to overload methods, but does NOT allow overriding methods.
D. An encapsulated class allows a programmer to change an implementation without affecting outside code.