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I have a box displayed in my canvas object. The box is a solid square that is 20px off from the edge of the canvas on all sides. I have a label that runs along the top of the box, middle of the canvas - 1/2 the width of the text to center the label and basically the y-coordinate is set to 18. I'd like text to run vertically up the side of the box as well starting at y-coordinate (1/2 of the height - 1/2 of the width of the text) with x being something like 18 as well. I can't seem to figure out how to do this, vertically display text along the side of the box, going up along the side. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks for the note Bear. So you're suggesting to use HTML5 and JavaScript to draw images and labels along with various graphs (i.e. box and whisker, etc..,)? I was leaning towards actually trying to replicate the code in Flash - you think that's on it's way out as well or has it already begun? Any info you can pass on would be greatly appreciated since I need to determine the next step to take to handle all of this.

3 years ago
I've heard that Chrome and all other major browsers plan to follow suit on removing Java plugins from use within their browsers. I have a number of applet classes I've developed that generate various shapes and associated labelling, diagrams that use jFreechart, etc.., and I was wondering what approach should I take to ensuring my code still works? Will there be some sort of workaround or a possible solution in the works to handle this or should I take an entirely different approach to doing what I'm already doing in my applets. If so, what are my options? Thanks again.

3 years ago
I have a select list that when chosen from passes a value to an AJAX script that looks up other values. These additional values are then put into another select list. The user then chooses a value from this dropdown and submits the page. If the user uses the browser's back button (IE) the dynamically populated select list has no values. How can I preserve the values in this select list?
Hey Bear,
Yes, it prints this in the first 2 lines of the perl script that is called :

The remaining xml content is well-formed as well. This all works when "running" the webpage after going directly to it. The issues seem to lie with if an user goes "Back" to the page and the onblur event gets hit for the lookup field. If on the page and entering values and leaving fields it seems to work regardless. Coming back to the page it doesn't appear to work. Thanks for the reply as well, appreciate it.

I'm running a javascript in IE 11 and it is failing. I try doing the following in code :

If I do this :

I get null.

Someone else running it on IE 11 is getting past this and mainObj prints as [object].

What should I be doing here? Should I somehow parse responseText instead? I don't want to start changing all the code referencing mainObj.
I've also tried using inline, block, and a few others as well - still no luck.
"Does not work" => the element the id belongs to doesn't appear.
I'm using the following in all browsers and it appears to work in all browsers

afterwards I try doing the following

but that does not work in Safari. Any ideas why it doesn't work in Safari while it works in the other browsers? Version 5.1 of Safari.
You da man Bear :-) Not sure when or how it was set but Compatibility mode was turned on. Thanks again.
I'm trying it in IE 10, it isn't working (reason stated above).
It doesn't work = {{ sometext }} prints exactly as is on the page and typing into the text field doesn't affect it at all.
Trying to do simple Angular example and it's not working (IE 10). Here's the code :
Alright I was looking around for what browsers supported this method and everywhere I looked it says it supports it at 9 but not earlier. I'm using 10 and trying to use document.getElementsByClassName('someClassName') and I'm getting errors saying that this method isn't supported by the object. I know for a fact from viewing the html page that the classes were included correctly so why the..... let's go with heck.... isn't it working? Thanks in advance for any helpful input.

Thanks Jaikiran Pai, exactly what was needed. One thing I found somewhat strange was the dodeploy files get renamed to undeployed or deployed. Wouldn't new files with either undeployed or deployed in addition to the dodeploys make more sense? That way, when restarting, new attempts to include the wars are once again recognized.
3 years ago