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Recent posts by Kumar Khiani

Hi Devika,

Thanks for your wishes.

How is your preparation going on for OCEJWSD6?

5 years ago
Hi Mahtab Alam,

Thanks for your wishes.

1. Time Allotted
2 hours for 70 questions

2. Practice test
Questions are tougher than the questions given in steve's book and in the CD. You really need to understand core concepts explained in the book

3. Which part you think should be very good.
I didn't understand your this question.

Wishing you all the best.

5 years ago
Hi All,

Am back again, excited to share my experience on how I passed 1z0-047 - SQL Certified Expert.

I passed this exam today with 93%. In my view it is important for a Java Developer to have working knowledge of SQL - with this thought in mind I aimed for this exam. At the same time this is a complete exam in itself - i.e. you will get the final certificate on completing this exam. It is much tougher than 1z0-051 though.

Below is the link on how i passed Java exams till OCEWCD - 7 months of study and achieved 4 certificates till date

Study Guides
To clear 1z0-047 please refer the book by Steve O'Hearn

This is the only book that will teach you all the Fundamentals to become an expert in SQL on Oracle Database. I even purchased ucertify book and mathew morris book which in my opinion are not that helpful if you have the time to read Steve O'Hearn's complete book (word for word)

Time Duration
With 0 experience in SQL, i think within 30 days you can crack this exam.

Only thing lacking is Enthuware style questions to prepare you for the minute details, only suggestion to overcome that is that read every word of the book correctly and code, code & code.

Once again, it feels good to have one more certificate and now will start learning HTML and JavaScript

Wish you all the best.


5 years ago
Thanks Stefan for your prompt reply.

Will get Matthew Morris summary guide as well.

This solves my query. It seems there are no reasonable mock-test providers for this test.

Hi guys,

Congratulations to all for clearing this exam.

I am a complete newbie to databases, and i am aiming to clear this exam.

Is there any good mock test softwares available to practice (like Enthuware).

Transcender costs whooping $100+. Is it worth it? Are there any other mock tests available at reasonable price.

Enthuware helped me a lot to learn all the corner cases in Java at reasonable costs.

Thanks for your guidance in advance.

Hi Steven,

How are you?

I would like to hi-jack your this thread to get some more info on Iz0-047. I have created this thread as well : http://www.coderanch.com/t/625859/po/certification/Oracle-Database-SQL-Certified-Expert#2863098

Could you kindly give me tips on how to clear this particular exam - SQL Expert
1) Imp - Mock test : Which mock test software to buy?
2) Book : Which is the best book to refer?
3) Forum : Any other good forum where i can find discussion for this particular exam.

Thanks in advance,

5 years ago
Hi There,

Mods, I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask about SQL certification exam.

I just cleared OCEWCD and now I want to prepare for 1z0-047 : http://www.oraclecertificationprep.com/apex/f?p=OCPSG:EXAM_DETAILS:0::NO::P2_EXAM:1Z0-047#.UrnJyNIsLgE

For all Java Certifications it was very easy to get the guidance on how to go about getting any Java Certificate, but for SQL Expert I cannot find any proper guidance. Would appreciate if any one can help on the following

1) Best Book to refer
a) Study Guide for 1Z0-047: Oracle Database SQL Expert: Oracle Certification Prep by Mathew Morris OR
b) OCA Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-047) (With CD-ROM) 1st Edition by Steve O'Hearn http://www.flipkart.com/oca-oracle-database-sql-certified-expert-exam-guide-exam-1z0-047-with-cd-rom-1st/p/itmczynwjy6r6fhy?pid=9780070701410&otracker=from-search&srno=t_1&query=047&ref=2eb9bcb6-2e60-4ae8-b82d-67aec740e5c4
c) Or is there any other book to refer from

2) Best Mock Test Software
Which is the best mock test software available for this Exam. (Enthuware made preparation for all the Java exams feel like a breeze)

3) Forum
Is there any other forum as good as this one, which discusses about SQL certification experiences and related question/answers.

Thanks in advance for your feedback


Hi all,

With great satisfaction, I would like to share that today I passed OCEWCD (1Z0-899) with 85%.

4 weeks back I didnt know what a servlet or JSP is or how to write a HTML file or XML code. Today completed the entire paper and 2 revision's with literally more than an hour to spare! Its party time tonight.

First of all would like to thank the authors of Head First Java & Servlets, Enthuware s/w & Piotr Nowicki, without which this certification wouldn't have been as easy as it was.

Few Pointers for other fellow members
* Expect couple of long questions describing the situation for which you have to identify the correct code
* Difficulty level similar to enthuware or may be little bit easier (especially after you have attempted all the 10 mock exams)
* No questions on classic tag. Got 2-3 questions on simple tags
* I got very few questions on Servlets 3.0, but others have mentioned that they got more than 15-20% of questions
* I had to read the HF book couple of times to let everything sink in.

Today finally my goal of studying for 3 Java certifications completes from OCAJP7 to OCEWCD. Prior Experience in Java - 0; literally ZERO. (I did'nt even know what Java is or how to write "hello world" in Java, had learnt C about 15 years back in college and joined Sales & Marketing after finishing college). Time required approx 4 months. Could have been shorter but have family commitments towards my sweet one year old daughter Love of my life.

Now next target is SQL Fundamentals.

Wishing all of you a very good luck.

Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year

And this forum is really a great source of guidance to all newbies like me. A Big Thank You to all the moderators and all the members.


5 years ago
Hi Devika,

Thanks for your prompt response.

You were spot on with your suggestions
* long questions tricked me a bit
* Difficulty level similar to enthuware or may be little bit easier
* No questions on classic tag. Got 2-3 questions on simple tags
* Very few questions on Servlets 3.0

I passed today with 85%, very happy. 4 weeks back I didnt knew what a servlet or JSP is. Today completed the entire paper and 2 revisions with more than an hour to spare! Its party time tonight.

Big thanks to Head First Java & Servlets, Enthuware & Piotr Nowicki.


5 years ago
Hi Devika,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.

I will save ton of time by avoiding "Classic Tags".

My exam is exactly after 5 days on 26th - will be going through each and every mock test and my mistakes. Have finished about 8 till date and scoring about 75-85 in the last few mock tests.

One last question - how will you grade the difficulty level of the real exam compared to Enthuware S/W.

Thanks a lot.
5 years ago
Hi Devika,

Hearty Congratulations for getting such a great score!!

I am also preparing for this same exam. I would appreciate if you could guide me if there are questions on "classic tags", if yes then about how many? I am finding this particular topic a bit tough to grasp.

Even thanks for sharing your strategy. Will help others like me.
5 years ago
Why is <servlet-name> as jsp and <servlet-mapping> as jsp1
5 years ago
Hi rohit,

Put ch1servlet in a package and try again
5 years ago