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shareeef hiasat

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Recent posts by shareeef hiasat

Greetings please can some one list me the topic i should study as objective of the spring certification

before i forget my experience i want to write down so it will be help full for all

i passed with 80%

please the admin if am not constrained with the forum rules let me know , i mean mentioning some questions i had is it legall if not delete the post

i used head first servlet and enthuware 899 java ee 6

i prepared in 2 months for about 220 hours divided as follow
1- i read the head first first time
2-i read tha head first second time with writing down notes about 50 pages summary for all book and reviewed it 4 times (every time it took me less time than the previous one )
the review of my notes took 4 hour then 3hours 2hours 1 hours in each time
3- i solved the mock of the book but did not review it before exam because short of time
4- i solved mock exam it was great but very difficult comparing the questions i faced in exam

the exam was easy and even i was surprised and happy for that but still was sensitive meaning i expected more than 80%

the question i remember is about the 8 listeneres i had 4 of them and they are repeated some how the answer was always HttpServletBindingListenr
questions about front controller
syncronizing the session attribute
servlet 3 just 3 questions very easy one more than you think meaning all the exam i did not face any question with all of the above or none of them or will not complie (for all sections i mean)
usebean had 3 questions with c:set and setProperty and getProperty
no question about filters just one as what you suggest to use for solving some problem
the syntax of scripting invalid
what is the attributes of EmptyRoleSemantic and userDataGarantee in servlet 3
no question about EL at all
more question about methods of the listeners in some cases
one question about request dispatching syntax was so obvious (only 4 options most of the time some asked to check 2 or 3 options)
scope of c:setProperty and at the same time question about its syntax this one realy confused me <c:setProperty .... /\> not the extra slash is it invalid syntax ?!


can i ask

1] do i have to read servlet 3 specification all of 250 pages
2] do i have to solve the enthuware tests only not all the question in database of enthuware.
4 years ago
Greetings just a fast question

OCEJWCD Study Companion: Certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Component Developer (oracle Exam 1Z0-899)
by Charles E. Lyons

has a pdf version to buy ? thanks ; and yes i tried google

Darin Niard wrote:I've been looking around... I can't find much information on it. You can use this for now though:

[ July 09, 2004: Message edited by: Darin Niard ]

thanks but did you try it , i mean where is your reference
4 years ago
This code i used and worked but i faced little problems with sizing the image

As you see you must convert to PNG because its the only one supported

As if you worndered about if you can put it in some cell you cant stackoverflow inserting image into cell jxl

5 years ago