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Recent posts by Dave Tolls

Actual, forget that.
I'm misreading things.

OK, so you have just the one listener involved here (which was the most likely result, but at least we confirmed it).

Have to ponder a bit.
1 day ago
Can you show the listener again?
The log line isn't referencing the class I expected.
1 day ago
Given an enrolment table a bit like this:

enrolment_id    student_id    subject
1                1             music
2                1             dancing
3                1             drawing

How many rows would be returned by:
select student_id from enrolment;
This the JavaDoc for Runnable:

That should you answer that question.
1 day ago
junit.framework.Assert was deprecated a while ago.
Most JUnit stuff i now under org.junit.
Indeed, I think with 5 it all moved around again.
1 day ago
Add some logging for the create/destroy, around the add/remove of the listener.
Either the callback is fired twice for an event (unlikely) or there are two listeners.

Actually, when logging in the ClipChanged, could you include the class?

That (hopefully) would print the default toString.

ETA:  Also, it's preferable to copy and paste text here, rather than include images.
It's a lot easier for us to work with text.
2 days ago
And 'p' is not defined, except as part of 'o'.
It is not something that can be referred to directly.
Unlike foo and bar, which are defined in line 2, though I can't remember what that syntax is called.
What do your logs show?
Is the trigger firing twice?
2 days ago
You would use collect, not forEach.

Something like:

filter returns a Stream.
Can you post the exact error you get?
It would help us explain the error to you.
It's the first sentence in the JavaDoc, as linked in the post.
This has been raised before, and I could have sworn it was supposed to have been changed.
2 days ago
If you have to have selected 1 before you can select 2 then why offer 2 as a choice?
2 days ago
The object returned by FileSystems.getDefault() is a concrete class that provides versions of those methods.

You can find the name of that class by doing:

It will be different on different operating systems.
On mine here it gives:
class sun.nio.fs.WindowsFileSystem
2 days ago
You have set the reference to null, not the object.
The object still exists and is referenced by t1.
2 days ago
The post-increment operator returns the value before the increment.

So i is 0 initially, i++ will return 0, so i = i++ will reset i back to zero after the increment.
3 days ago