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Recent posts by Dave Tolls

Can you get it to do a full trace?
I'm not sure how to do that, as I've only ever seen one of these with the full stack, so don't know why yours only shows the single frame.

Does the log file hold more info?

You should be able to figure out what was going on when the error occurred.
3 hours ago

I'm going to guess they didn't actually compile the code?
Though that seems a strange thing to miss out.
18 hours ago
getParagraphs returns a List<XWPFParagraph>.
You have declared your paragraphs as just a List.
19 hours ago
Out of curiosity, does it work with any other version of Java?
1 day ago
If you look at the classes generated when you compile you'll see that th compiler has created a class called something like Book$1, which is the anonymous class from line 14.
You might need to show some code, and include the full error message.
3 days ago
Well, you have everything else inplace, you just need to replace line 9 with a call to a method to get the birth date:

Though I would rename start to birthdate, just to make things clearer.

Of course this won't compile, so the next step is to create that method:

And finally now is the time to decide how you are going to get the value from the user.
Presumably you need a prompt.
Then a Scanner to get the input.
And decide the format for the date you will accept.

Finally returning the parsed LocalDate.

That's several steps there that you should be able to put most if not all of them in place.
3 days ago
On the server you don't check the length of data returned in the DatagramPacket.  There's a getLength method for that.
That tells you how much of the byte[] has been filled.  I think it can be larger than the size of the array, which means the data has been truncated.
Is this a challenge, because otherwise there is a toBinaryString static method on the Integer class.
It takes an int as a parameter and returns a String.
1 week ago
I did think about that after I posted, it has to be said.

And throwing in Swing as well.
2 weeks ago
Are you sure it's an Ecel file (.xls, or .xlsx) and not a CSV file (.csv)?
I'd be surprised any beginners class would expect you to figure out how to use any of the Excel frameworks.
2 weeks ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Don't use nextLine(); use this method instead, in which case your method will retun an int.

Depends how you interpret this from the OP:
" I have to use methods to get a list of numbers as a string type"

To me (along with the code as written) the numbers come in as a single String, hence my question about the format of the input.
2 weeks ago

That's actually assigning the value true to validPassword.  The result is that this will always be true, and so the loop will never end.
Since validPassword is a boolean, however, you should not be comparing it like that, you just need to use validPassword:

However, if you look at your do-while code, where in there are you changing the value of validPassword?
2 weeks ago
First point is what format does the user enter their numbers?
And are you supposed to check that the format is correct?
2 weeks ago