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Recent posts by Dave Tolls

Why on earth do you want to rename "javac.exe"?
What problem could that possibly be the solution to?
1 day ago
Does it work?
And is it easy to read?

That's pretty much my definition of "OK".
1 day ago
No, you've posted the JSP page that produces the table.
I was specifically asking for the HTML as it appears in the browser.

That's a very important check to ensure that your JSP is producing what you think it is producing.
You need that because it is that which defines what happens on the browser.

Essentially, when you get a situation where an event on a browser doesn't seem to produce anything you want to work from the browser, not the JSp (which is server-side).
So first step is "does it send anything".
If so, what does it send.
If that's correct then that is the point you go to the server and see what the servlet is doing with the request.

If it's not sending the correct thing (or anything at all) you then need to look at the HTML on the browser, and possibly debug Javascript if there's any processing before making a request to the server.
That HTML (and any associated script) will determine what is happening.

So, from what you posted earlier it looks like it's not making a request.
So you need to look at the actual HTML.
Until you determine what is not correct in that then there is little point peering at JSP tags.
2 days ago
From the implementation comment in that link (lines 143 onwards):

    * This map usually acts as a binned (bucketed) hash table, but
    * when bins get too large, they are transformed into bins of
    * TreeNodes, each structured similarly to those in
    * java.util.TreeMap. Most methods try to use normal bins, but
    * relay to TreeNode methods when applicable (simply by checking
    * instanceof a node).  Bins of TreeNodes may be traversed and
    * used like any others, but additionally support faster lookup
    * when overpopulated. However, since the vast majority of bins in
    * normal use are not overpopulated, checking for existence of
    * tree bins may be delayed in the course of table methods.
    * Tree bins (i.e., bins whose elements are all TreeNodes) are
    * ordered primarily by hashCode
, but in the case of ties, if two
    * elements are of the same "class C implements Comparable<C>",
    * type then their compareTo method is used for ordering. (We
    * conservatively check generic types via reflection to validate
    * this -- see method comparableClassFor).  The added complexity
    * of tree bins is worthwhile in providing worst-case O(log n)
    * operations when keys either have distinct hashes or are
    * orderable, Thus, performance degrades gracefully under
    * accidental or malicious usages in which hashCode() methods
    * return values that are poorly distributed, as well as those in
    * which many keys share a hashCode, so long as they are also
    * Comparable. (If neither of these apply, we may waste about a
    * factor of two in time and space compared to taking no
    * precautions. But the only known cases stem from poor user
    * programming practices that are already so slow that this makes
    * little difference.)

The two bolded bits.
It's bins, some of which can be TreeMaps.
Those TreeMaps are sorted by hashcode.

Consequently, even if all the bins were TreeMaps they wouldn't be sorted in any meaningful (user-friendly) way in any case.
2 days ago
I'm not too sure about the layout of Netbeans projects, bu that looks like all your jar files are in the default package folder?
2 days ago
So there's no data in the table?

Can you paste the HTML in here?
It's hard to visualise what your issue is.
2 days ago
The method setVerticalAlignment(org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.VerticalAlignment) in the type CellStyle is not applicable for the arguments (org.apache.poi.sl.usermodel.VerticalAlignment)

You've imported the wrong VerticalAlignment (I know, they are stupidly close in their package names).
You want the ss one, not the sl one.
3 days ago
What does that look like on the browser?

Does it have the data?
Is the data in the correct fields?
Is it going to send to the correct URL?
etc etc
3 days ago
If OD cannot show proof of refund then they are in the wrong.
Plain and simple.

Aren't there small claims courts in the US?
3 days ago
OK, well what is the HTML that you think is supposed to send the list of selected ids to the server?

That is, what is the HTML on the browser (forget the JSP for now).
3 days ago
Well, the first step with this is to hit F12 in the browse and click on the network tab of the developer tools and see exactly what is sent to the server when you submit the request.
3 days ago
<c:forEach begin="0" end="${servers.totalPages-1}" var="i">

When totalPages is zero then this will give you the error as end will be -1.

You might need to put in a special case when there is no data.
Maybe just displaying some text saying "No servers found", with no page numbers.
3 days ago
Is the account you are accessing set up to allow less secure apps?
4 days ago
That's not a file upload.
You are simply taking the file name and trying to open it up on the server...which won't work as the file is not on the server (outside of your test environment) and is one the clients machine.

A file upload sends the file as a streamed payload as part of the multi-part thing.

By the way, all that code should be in a servlet.

JSPs are not for doing your business logic in.

It would also be easier for you to test the code outside of a server if you created a service class that handled the parsing and database work.
5 days ago