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Recent posts by NeelNisha Singh

Hi I am trying to use JMapViewer for showing Map in Swing Application and rightNow I can show JMap but its using tiles from Online links,when my System is at Offline mode i.e not connected to Internet then its not showing anything,So I'am trying to use JTileDownloader but I don't know How to that


> Now I want know How Can I download tiles useing JtileDownloader,and
> How can I use the same in my application,Please Help
9 years ago
I have tried alot from yesterday and thought may be data was not trim so used

but still while receiving at android client inside onprogressupdate method not getting data inside txtRecv

Please help

10 years ago
Thanks for the reply

I have tried if I'm saving content in some text file and then if sending to android application client app,then it received content/data and shows also in txtRecv,
But,why not in normal case its showing data
10 years ago
Hi Ulf,
Thanks for your reply,I'm not getting what exactly I need to do,I'm new to android technology,

Problem is server sent data or message i'm getting into
in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(socket.getInputStream()));

Have tried to set received data like this

protected void onProgressUpdate(String... values) {

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

for (int i = 0; i < values.length; i++) {


sb = null;

But txtRecMsg is still blank
Please Help
10 years ago
Hello JavaRanch,

Here Scenario is I'm able to establish communication with WiFi Hotspot server with my android client application,if I'm sending data to server it's getting received by server,
But server sent data not showing inside the text(txtrecv)I've tried to set received data from server inside the method onProgressUpdate()

Here is the code what I'm have tried,



3.xml file

Please give some idea or correct me ,Thanks in Advance.
10 years ago
Thanks for the reply and link!!

Actually scenario is for example in my android device i have configured wi-fi access point is "abc" ,and after wi-fi scanresult suppose it detected(As per javadoc) 4 results eg
"abc","def","fgrd","rude".Then I need to check if scanresult list contains configured wi-fi name i.e "abc" then i need to establish connection with "abc"
only and at android side in client code i need to pass only set wi-fi "abc" information like ip address,port number for receiving and sending data.

Please help Ulf .
10 years ago
Yes when Wi-Fi is turned off, it can be null.

Please tell me Am I going on right way for getting information of already configured WiFi access point in android device,
as i have mentioned in above question also
10 years ago
Hi thanks for the reply
I am getting exception at the place where i have fetched


at line number 39 in above posted code,got this from logcat
10 years ago
I am posting full code also what i have tried
10 years ago
I have also tried :
List<WifiConfiguration> results= wifi.getConfiguredNetworks();
int sizeConfigured=result.size();

I got wifi.getConfiguredNetworks() returns list of already configured wifi network list,But getting nullpointer exception ,
Please help....
10 years ago
since we can set wireless access point in android device from device settings,Actually then through android application i want to
retrieve already set access point information like name,ip address,port number etc.Any idea/sample code/links how to do this?
I have gone through APIs in also but not getting proper solution,Please help
10 years ago
Actually aim is like to control Air conditioner devices on individual user basis instead of remote control user will be able to control Air conditioner parameters through Android device,
So the hardware device which is connected to Air conditioner will be having inbuilt wi-fi ,and Android device will get data and send data through wi-fi from that hardware.
10 years ago
Yes we are in process of making that hardware device which will be having inbuilt wi-fi,and will act as wireless access point
10 years ago
Thanks for reply

Here I am having a custom hardware which will be having inbuilt wi-fi and it will act as a wireless access point which will
allow wireless devices (android phone)to connect to a wired network using Wi-Fi
10 years ago
Hello All!!!
Actually I want to send data from a hardware piece to an android device.
The hardware device is connected to local wireless router which is connected to modem.
Android device will also connected to same router through wi fi.
Can you please suggest some links or tutorial from where i can get idea how to establish communication between hardware device an the android device to send and receive data through wi-fi
10 years ago